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  1. All is clear, thank you. I thought at least someone would be interested, but apparently no one needs it. It’s so customary to meet everyone on your forum, is a real person in doubt? I talked about auto parts, not about brass knuckles or boobs ...
  2. Greetings to all get together. I have an idea, but I'm afraid that not everyone is aware of its significance and purpose. I have already tried to talk about it among my friends and unfortunately they did not appreciate it properly ... I understand that this may turn out to be stupid or absurd to someone, but ask yourself what will happen next when something we love so much disappears and then what? Maybe it’s worth at least trying, all of a sudden it’s really not just useful to one or two, but maybe more people .. And so closer to the point: They still know that there are online spare parts catalogs and while there are machines that can be sorted out for spare parts there is demand, but what if I tell you that it would be cool to create a 3D spare parts catalog; Those. Create drawings, diagrams and 3D models of spare parts and parts. Yes, I understand that it’s difficult, but I think if we get together we can do it. Who thinks what?
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