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  1. The link don't work i ask you this because as a french its not easy to found this information. i use a translator to talk with you
  2. Great, thank you very much for your answers, so I'll resurface it first and buy a lighter one later. For reassembly of the screws? No need for a particular tightening torque ??
  3. Hello everybody, before starting, i apologize in advance for my english because i'm french. So, actually, my car is stationary because I am trying to fix my gearbox. (for information, I have a R33 GTST gearbox on my R34 GTT, Having bought the car like this) So I would like to know if I have a lightweight flywheel on the car or not. (as i'm fixing the gearbox, i would like to put one if I don't have one) But there is a problem .... I can't tell, i can't see, if I have a lightweight flywheel or not, there is no description on it and I can't even verify if it's an OEM or not (I don't even know what an OEM looks like) Can you help me please?? I wouldn't want to make an unnecessary purchase (especially looking at the prices...a nismo one for exemple) Thank you all for reading me. EDIT: And yes i almost forgot, I can't find the tightening torque for a flywheel for R34/33 (if I have to take it apart) And if it's different depending on if it's a lightened or not. Here are the photos taken this morning.
  4. Yes in France it is cheaper than D2 for the same rotors, but why...that is the question! lol Yes KiwiRS4T about the yellow speed one, i saw many video on YouTube and they seem to be good... I have to make a choice !?
  5. Thanks for the precision KwiRS4T Regarding all the information, and depending the price, i think i will take Yellowspeed Big brake, i can have them for 1300€, and all will be new What do you think?
  6. Hi guys, Thanks a lot for all your responses ? To talk in order, thank for the tutorial Ben C34, so if i well understant 350z brake are direct bolt on R34 Skyline chassis. But about the 370Z?? its the same? As you said Duncan, D2 big brake are too expensive for me, (more of 2000€ in France), and about my Driving style, i do not race on tracklap (hope is the right word) its only for street, big street if i can say. So yes the stock brake is a little weak for me, and to be honest, 355mm is also for a better looking (18" Wheel) But i understand what you meant, its almost as expensive as a big brake kit (and all is new, not used) If you want i'm looking for the better way and the cheapest ways to have 355mm on my cars or even 340mm but not below. Today i saw K sport front kit, and its a way less expensive for a 355mm rotors with 6 or 8 piston caliper (1450€) But i do not know this brand. It is a good brand?? Why on their website 6pistons is more expensive than 8pistons for the same rotors. Its the first time for me (changing break) and i even don't understand the difference between 6 and 8. Thank you all
  7. Hi everyone, i am a french gtt r34 owner and i would love to upgrade my brake. Instead of buy expensive D2 brake for exemple. I would love to know if Brake caliper of Z34 (370Z) is fit on our r34 Wheel hub (bolt on). (hope you will understand what i want to say) I want to have front 355mm x 32mm rotors. In France i've tried to find some informations but i didn't found them. So i hope you can have some answers. If i did not mistake oem R34GTT have front 297mm x 30mm rotors. So it pretty sur that i need to change my brake caliper, that is why i thought about 370Z one. But my question is, do they fit on R34 gtt?? Hope you understand and sorry for my English. Thanks a lot.
  8. Hi, thanks for your reply, i will check it soon, because of the epidemic in europe i can't drive as long as i want. Thank you very much.
  9. Hello everyone, following your posts, I decided to try again the experience (because i removed the nismo gauge). After restarting everything and then installing my new nismo speedometer, I realized that the speedometer plug (the speedometer needle) was defective, probably because of that the speedometer was not workingthe first time. And there the meter works! I'm very happy, however I still note a certain lack of responsiveness regarding the tachometer needle. I do not know if this is due to the graduation which is different or indeed to a defect in my meter or else my installation :(. What do you think? ( with the original counter the needle was more responsive). In any case I wanted to thank you very much, because in view of your comments I told myself that the problem was not necessarily in the difference in transmission. And its seems you're right! Hope just that this lack of responsivness is a normal thing.
  10. Hi everyone! Let's begin, i have a R34 GTT, i am a french people and if i sign in here its because i need help so i hope i can find it here, or if you can redirect me to the right place,(its very difficult to find the right forum when you are a stranger lol). So i will explain my problem. i just bought 4 months ago a nissan skyline 34 GTT directly from japan. The Japanese seller that sold me the car gave me in the same time the nismo COMBINATION METER GAUGE . this one () However, my skyline has an automatic transmission (converted manuel but originaly a AT). And when I tried to install it in place of the original, it didn't work. So i just saw on manywebsite that is for manual R34 GTT but i'm sure that is possible, i saw many video on internet (R34 GTT AT with the nismo gauge). Please, pretty please can you help me?? Or Do you know some sites, forums or people who have already installed it on an automatic skyline R34? I really need help, and unfortunatly nobody can help me in my country (France)....they suck.... and i dont speak japenese.... So i am desperately trying to find someone who can help me. Thank you for reading and waiting i hope for a reply. (Sorry for my bad english too)
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