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  1. 30k? That’s more than half of how much their going for local which is around 60-70k daamn
  2. Would it be cheaper and more value to import one?
  3. Honestly the prices are getting so ridiculous and I’m not keen to see how much more they’ll go up in the years to come
  4. I wouldn’t be trynna squeeze every last hp out of them it would just be a slight tune and some tasteful mods. But that being said, there’s a 12 year age gap between the gtr and Evo and as much as I want to own a gtr I don’t wanna constantly deal with the older mechanics of the gtr constantly breaking down etc even if I were to service it regularly (every 5000kms)
  5. Ok but which would be the better overall car to own though? I heard the r32 would cost a lot more to maintain/ mod and its older than the evo so its not mechanically as good
  6. Haha from what I’ve read , the gtr is definitely more costly to maintain and run but I’ve imagine seeing her in my driveway for a long time 😍
  7. Man this was the answer I needed. Thanks for that, definitely swaying me more in the direction of the evo now
  8. The r32s here in aus are like 60-70k. Not sure if their any cheaper by importing though. Evos are around 30-40k
  9. But dream car tho haha yea that is why I’m heavily considering the evo over the gtr
  10. Yea for sure, only thing that makes me slightly worried is the age of them though
  11. Ahh yea but I still want a gtr so badly hmm
  12. Why? Is a r32 not good as a daily just cause it’s older
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