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  1. Ok thanks for the advice, any recommendation for ecu and tuning in Perth Australia?
  2. Hi All, I need help on putting together an engine build plan. I have built a couple of engines before so enjoy getting my hands dirty but will need a support network and thus my first post here today. Car is a Holden FE 1957 ute with the goal of Friday end of week quick drive and when ever possible club events and sprints. I am not after drag strip and dyno hero. With this in mind and the fact the ute only weighs around 1200kgs I am thinking of 300-400kw at engine should be plenty. I am also not sure if I go RB25, RB30/25, or RB30. From reading alot of posts here Option 1 - Buy full RB25 Neo for $3500 - mods, not sure and what to budget $??? Option 2 - Build RB30 $5000+ really need to know how to get this to a realistic build spec Purchase RB30 engine from wrecker $400 Crank grind, new rings, hone $500 do myself New water pump $200 N1 oil pump $400 Head port, valves, seats, cam etc $600 do myself Cam 503TXM $500 Inlet manifold, ebay $250 Z32 AFM $100 Injectors 650cc and fuel rail $400 Exhaust manifold cast iron $700 Turbo, gt35, not sure what spec and what to budget $??? Wastgate, not sure what spec and what to budget $??? Gaskets $500 Intercooler 600x300x75 $200 ECU, not sure and what to budget $??? David
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