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  1. Was on the car when I bought it. Someone says it's way to cold for a street car, and other's don't see the problem.
  2. No 😕, the engine got built in 2016 by a company before I bought the car.
  3. Just got it confirmed 30 minutes ago. Piston slap 🙄 but the mechanic said that the sound was not that bad and that he would not strip the engine because of that. Since my engine is built with larger pistons, he told me to replace the thermostat to a normal one (85-90c). The one that is in now opens at 63c. He thought the sound might go mostly away if the engine got up to normal temperatures. So I'll try that first 😊
  4. Yeah, I will come with updates when I get it out. I guess there will be scarring on the side of pistons or cylinders if the engine has piston slap and been driven that far with it? When I had the head off I could not see any damage to the cylinder walls, but you never know what hides lower in the cylinder when piston is in.
  5. I find it weird for it to be the lifters as everyone told me it was last year. Took them out this winter and they have been opened and cleaned out. Still the same sound, and no one looked like beeing broken. After using the car a little the last weeks the sound is getting worse when the engine is cold, and is more noticeable now when warm. So the engine is coming out 😐
  6. Videos over are from June 2019 with 91000kms. Here is a video recorded yesterday on 104000km. Snapchat-966168740.mp4
  7. All lifters has been opened and cleaned out before I started using the car again this year. Many were saying lifters last year but they looked perfect. Last year when I started to get fuel in the oil is when I parked the car. Got the map checked and it was way too rich. Assembled the head, got off to dyno. Noise was still there and 3 days after, strong smell of fuel in oil.
  8. Sound was faint in the head and a lot more noticeable on the block. VCT should be fine. I guess the sound would come from the front if that was the problem?
  9. Hi. I have a built RB25. Since I got the car a year ago, it's had this annoying knocking sound. Does not sound like it's any different depending on engine temp. I don't think the sound has gotten much worse. Been two times for mapping in dyno, one drag race and 13000km on the road just last summer. Now after using the car for a few days the oil starts to get a strong smell of fuel. Injectors is tested and cleaned. Nothing wrong with them. Does not look like the engine has any noticable blow by either. Engine is bored, CP Pistons (87mm), Eagle rods. All bearings are ACL Race series. Compression test was: 9.9, 9.9, 10, 10, 10, 10.5 Anyone had the same sound from their's RB? Listened with a stethoscope and knocking is most noticeable from sylinder 6 on block- intake side. 11.mp4 20190623_155041.mp4
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