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  1. Can’t see a bleedvalve work in that area, pressure will rise or a boostleak will be build in your application. @Duncan as soon as i saw prices on those parts i should have looked for it no matter what Yes, even running a piggy and altering AFM Volts to reach sufficiant fueling , the car retards timing down to 3 degrees at 5 psi. Reason being i have to show him more Airflow in areas of the map where it shouldnt , to keep AFR around 12. @NZ-GTT -i think all sensors work the same it lol give different output, based on how much the ECU works with the input it might might not work. All in All, u cant get away with a piggy, after modding intake to turbo to exhaust hoping it lol run fine.
  2. Hi folks, everyone Tuning and upgrading a Neo engine will run into this problem sooner or later. The Boost sensor on the neo cuts fuel if sees lots of boost around 14 PSI. Now as some people say the sensor is not only a failsafe, rather then also helping under vacuum setting fueling. so to get around that Problem I will try to install a checkvalve infront of it. So under boost no pressure will arrive the sensor but it can see vacuum. Has anyone tried that before? I am Running FMIC new Coilpacks A Gt3071r turbo custom exhaust oilcooler and Catchcan setup to install now is R35 injectors and R35 AFM will then be tuned with nistune. Off Topic: At 250 km/h on the Autobahn B—Pillar Driverside left the Game and is not seen jet. Does anyone know where to get one.
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