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  1. By the sounds of it now is a good time at looking to sell.! well if anyone is interested please send me a PM and we can chat. cheers for all your info fellas.
  2. Thanks for the replies fellas. Well i didn't think they would be worth that much but i guess they are worth what people are willing to pay..... I would be happy to get $30k!!!!! In regards to the power, i cant remember but it was around the 500hp mark last time i had it on the dyno a few years back. Over the next few months i will be getting it tuned and cleaned up for sale so i will report back when i know. I appreciate all the feed back.
  3. Hey all. It’s been a while since paying any interest to my old hobby. I am looking at selling my R32 but have no idea what it’s worth. can anyone offer genuine advice and of what my car is worth. The car has been driven a no more than 50kms in the last 6 years, it has 93000kms on the clock 1993 R32 Rb30 soc running 19psi Forged pistons Hbeam rods gt35/40 turbo 50mm waste gate Eboost2 Custom plenm Big intercooler 3” stainless exhaust turbo back wade stage 2 cam Microtec lt10s ecu with dash M&W pro10 cdi & fireball coil Fuel lab regulator 880cc injectors All new high temp spark plugs and leads Bosh 044 fuel pump with surge tank rb25 gearbox 1000hp clutch one price tail shaft longer diff gears The car was painted 13 years ago and had lived in a garage the whole time I have owned it ( 17 years ) there are a few scratches and dints but nothing major. I am sure there is more but can’t remember. Thanks in advance fellas.
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