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  1. http://www.turboninjas.com/supra/maft/8 - Vehicle Specific Info/R32 Nissan GTR/All Engine Manual (OCR).pdf Ive been looking for info on my engine and it's been hard to source solid info. I've got a rare bird of an engine here in the states the rb25 NA from a 32, so no one knows here. this manual seems legit. can anyone verify thats its good info? i tried searching r32 manuals but its all ive gotten so far haha and if anyone knows alot about rb's could tell me if an NA r32 rb25 head is the same as a rb20 head. i get the feeling they took an rb20 and punched it out to see how it did, and then modded it to make rb25's haha. **after posting haha, after researching parts websites it would seem that this rb in fact has the same intake system as the rb20det
  2. Yeah it’s called a 240sx in the states , it came with a distributor truck engine basically. It’s not a lot of fun so most people end up swapping it out. A lot people do Chevy 5.3 here and sr20’s
  3. hey guys , I'm an American, car enthusiast , drift car enthusiast. I've been slowly working/collecting parts for my s13 hatch project. I've recently bought an RB25DE that came out of an auto r32 sedan. non VCT non turbo rb25 are really rare here, most people don't even know there is an rb25 without vct. so i've been doing loads of research and i end up here a lot! I just wanted to say thanks! and if you have any advise so on id love to hear it. im a diesel mechanic, so i can more or less can tear into about anything.
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