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  1. Thank you both for that. exactly what o was looking for. I watched a sh.. ton of videos today about hyper gear and how much people like them. Mose likely will have to try and buy one without core and spend extra money. They are trying to source mochimoto? Intercooler and will do the piping. Coil packs I was looking at the splitfire or r8. I did see the cost of r8 and it looked like 750.00 need to look at split fire to see what they cost. Again, appreciative of the info
  2. Thanks. I just spoke with drivermotorsports here in the US. said same thing. Oddly some people say you don’t have to have everything others say you do. Why it’s so confusing. My bmw m2 was easy, this is a new platform and there is nothing dead on. he said what you said, injectors, exhaust, manifold, haltech (I’ll prob go elite), downpipe, intercooler, Turbo, and a couple of other supporting mods. I was interested in what everyone was using (brand - make) etc.. to see if I can come in under 6 grand. again, thanks for the help. Very much appreciated.
  3. You got it precious! Triggered you so much, you feel the need to keep on and on. Can’t get me out of your mouth: 😂
  4. Sounds like you’re a little butt hurt. You’re the one that chose to respond to me so maybe you should grab a plastic bag and a rubber band. 😎
  5. Ah the ignorance of little kiddos. 😂 Thanks to those that are helping and not still sucking on mommies titties
  6. Florida. But yes, I would like to know exactly what they are getting / prices and of course hp.
  7. Yup. And it's a hodge podge of stuff and different topic as it doesn't have prices etc.. Thanks
  8. So let's say you have a 93 GTST, bone stock RB25 DET. You don't want a alibaba build but a budget build with quality parts. What would use to get to a dependable 350 wheel horse power vehicle? I am new to the skyline world, mine is on order at the moment and about 5 weeks out. So far, below is what I have picked up that I would need but I have no clue what parts/brands etc. Again, keep budget in mind if at all possible. No I don't want to LS it, thanks. 1. ECU (Haltech?) 2. Intercooler (what brand?) 3. Exhaust (trying to find a used one currently in good condition) 4. Intercooler (what brand, which model?)? 5. Injectors? (650? 700?) Max I would put the car to is probably 425hp or so. So, I don't need some crazy. 6. Fuel pump? 7. Manifold? 8. 9. 10. What am I missing? ^ Thanks for anyone that takes the time to share adult responses and assistful input.
  9. I would not cheap out on anything. Maybe find something used, but avoid alibaba for anything except to joke about how others get taken by them.
  10. Hope all are well, I am new to the car so ill be asking a lot of stupid questions.
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