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  1. My bad, but i saw my buddy's r33 and it had a sort of a tensioner
  2. Alright I did this, but i was just surprised to see that theres no tensioner for the PS. My PS died in a middle of a sharp corner I was pretty surprised, but thanks for the info!
  3. Hi guys i just realized my car doesn't have its power steering tensioner its so stupid I wanna shoot my self. Let me know if any of you have one for sale. You can see in the pic that the tensioner is gone somehow
  4. Guys, my steering pump just got very loose and when i tried to tighten it up, i just realized that theres no tensioner? Please tell me that im dumb and the tensioner is somewhere else
  5. you're right, I might've not looked hard enough, I will do that this weekend when i'm free of work
  6. Yahoo auction is actually a pretty good idea. do you know if stagea's compressor will fit the gtst?
  7. Well, the clutch is apparently not engaging at all and has a huge gap, it also does have an activating click when turning on the ac. But regardless the compressor needs to be changed anyways
  8. Hi, so my series 1 r33 GTST's AC decided to die in California's hot summer. I've been finding replacement parts and its been a nightmare. I've been thinking of rebuilding the ac but I heard its pretty expensive and It's hard to find a place here in san Francisco. Does anyone here have experiences or alternative to fixing the compressor?
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