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  1. I talk with a mechanic and also the fellow that i got the car from, it seems to be an electrical issue, also the fact it hasnt been serviced in a bit so i will try get a service in and also a mechanic to diagnose it
  2. The thing is that when i am in automatic i can hear gears change here and there depending on the speed im going, i guess ill try go to a local mechanic and troubleshoot it thanks for the opinions nonetheless
  3. side note, for an example when i try go up some slopes or hills it seems to struggle and i dont think the gears change??
  4. Hey guys, i was just wondering if anyone can tell me how exactly the triponic works on my 25gt, when i shift it into triptonic mode the number 1-4 pops up on the dashboard and i can shift it fine which is all goods but when i shift gears from 4-3 or even 2 i dont think the revs change at all and same goes for shifting from 1-2 and so on, is there a problem with the transmission on the car or is it something else itll be great if someome can help me out cheers
  5. Yeah thats a fair call, theres no issue i can see from first glance concerning this. What i was trying to describe was that when i let go of the gas (Car is still rolling), the revs go back to neutral revs very quickly compared to my friends lancer
  6. Hey guys i own a er34 25gt Auto N/a and had a friend tell me that the revs go down fast right after you let off the gas is weird and sure enough when i hopped on his lancer i saw how his rev meter after he lets go of the gas goes down much much slower. Firstly does anyone know why it goes down much faster and second is it a good or bad thing? Thanks guys
  7. Yeah the first coilovers i heard of were BC just thought that since they are pretty good it'll come out on the high end of coilovers?
  8. Hey guys, im new in coilovers and was wondering if people could point the way to some decent ones to put on my er34 25gt (4 door sedan) I dont particularly want to go for the best ones since i do want to save some money but i know getting cheap ones would also bite me later so im fine with average coilovers not bad not the best
  9. Hey just wanted to see if anyone knows if the gtt and gt have the same bumper size. im trying to buy a aftermarket bumper for my 25gt and was seeing if the gtt will fit fine on mine cheers
  10. Hey, My wheels I have currently on my car are 17 inches and I was looking at some nice 18 inch rims, I was just wondering if its alright to get 18 inch rims on a 17 inch stock car. (the car has stock suspensions) i know that it can throw off the speedometer but also wondering by how much it would be, is it alot?
  11. I mean if it works I'm happy, I don't need to go through the effort of finding specific spoilers. thanks man
  12. I just read here and there that the rear boot measurements might be different and that might mess the spoiler up but i'm not that great with cars so thats why i wanted to double check
  13. Recently purchased an ER34 25gt (4 door sedan), I've read everywhere and half the people say that the sedan supports GTR spoilers whereas another half tell me that GTR spoiler would not fit on a sedan. can someone please fact check (I don't want duck lip) Cheers
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