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  1. I think I’ve seen those Estonian guys “Xanavi”, they seem like the only ones in the world these days that do the full convert. The NZ guys “Betamorphis Ltd “ can change just the language, but not the Navi maps and radio band etc so still thinking about what path to take. I get that issue with another sharing Bluetooth and trying to memorise menus as it’s already a nightmare for me but I am liking the car so far. Might be easier to learn Japanese ! My only concern is Losing that front passenger mirror camera as you said as it’s been convenient for me so far
  2. Duncan that worked! Thankyou! I pressed the (google translated) button of ‘current location’ then ‘TV-AUX ‘ and it worked. Wondering who did your conversion?
  3. I think this guide might be the closet to an English HY51 guide I'll find (Infinity m35h) 2013-infiniti-navigation-manual.pdf
  4. Is there any way to leave the status menu and go back to just the CD and music box menus ? I hit status a few times but never get to the standard menu the way it was… not sure if we can have a chat somehow? If I toggle with the source button on steering wheel I can’t get rid of it and can’t find anything in the configuration . Google translate is a bit crude but it’s worked for me so far, just not for this . Edit-will post a few more menu pics to hopefully assist others Michael
  5. I’m very happy with my recent purchase of the Fuga but resisting the conversion to English of the navigation system. I’ve used Google translator to get around the system to date but I must have pressed something, now wondering if any Fuga owners (mine is 2011) know how to get out of this ‘dual’ or ‘panel’ screen mode. It’s driving me crazy
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