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  1. Tell me about it, trying to avoid going there. I spoke to a cop on the phone today and he told me to just go for it and drive the thing. Just go to the rego office and change the engine number over.
  2. yeah got motul brake fluid in them, you're right bout the pads though i can stand on the things going into corners. Actually took abit of getting used to braking so late into a corner when pushing it.
  3. I've put slotted rotors and ebc pads in the stockies, guess i'll have to suck it and see
  4. Hey does anyone know of one of these conversions done and if it required an engineers certificate. Also what are the tiptronic boxes like on these i was thinking of doing one of them instead of the manual Matt
  5. Metro Crash and detailers......had my engine bay done there charged $60 for top and bottom. Can definately recommend them. Phone number 8346 5188. They're at Hindmarsh.
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