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  1. I've seen the kit GCG are now doing for the GTX range They looked very neat and makes it very simple to bolt GTX 28's up. I was thinking about doing GTX2860's and E85 to see if I can make 450kw. Cheers
  2. Those parts are a bit easy to make than the manifold and dump pipes. But yes, I think a solution for that also would be great.
  3. I thought some of you may be intrested in these. I'm looking at swaping out my T88 for a pair of these (GTX2860's). https://www.facebook.com/184071731705639/photos/a.347084655404345.78265.184071731705639/639376116175196/?type=1&theater
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm just trying to find out if they are swapable of if they have a specific place. Also are the dumps off each turbo the same or is there a front and back one? Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, I'm servicing the Idle speed controller and want to test the unit on the bench. what signal controls it? Thanks
  6. Hi Guys, I was wondering what people thought of running twin GTX2860's with .6? A/R housings. What do people think would be the best twin setup for maximum torque and 400kw? I don't mind high mounting them. Cheers
  7. I've got both a 100mm and 90mm version for sale. They come with matching TB. I've got too many projects going on and I've been told i have to cut back by the lady. I'm continuing on with my Supra build so these awesome Hypertune plenums and TB's have to go. My loss your gain. 90mm = $2000 100mm = $2050 I'm in sydney. please pm me.
  8. Hi Guys I've had to put a hold on a 2 big builds I was working on. So I need to get rid of my Hypertune plenums and TB setups. Brand new never fitted 100mm $2100 90mm $2050 It sucks loosing so much but i'm sure someone will be happy.
  9. Hi all, I need all these parts sold as a have sold my car. Living in Sydney. 1.Cefiro 3 inch front pipe back stainless steel exhaust $400 2.series 1 tail lights $150 3.Vented bonnet with pins needs paint (Autech?) $350 4.RB20DET chipped computer, not sure who chpped it $150 everything need to go call or message me Chris 0417650502.
  10. Hi all I have a big list of parts that I need to sell. Living in Sydney. 1.Greddy TDO6H-20g with 8cm housing fresh rebuild with new X-force stainless high mount manifold $1000. 2.Custom RB20 Hypertune Plenum only used for a few months $1000. 3.Cefiro front pipe back stainless steel 3 inch exhaust $400. 4.6x444cc GTR injectors $250. 5.RB20DET RECO head and dismantled block with crank pistons and rods. (No photos but can get some if wanted) $400. 6.2x 2 5/8 inch autometer mechanical liquid filled oil pressure and water temp $100 each. 7.Tsuchiya designed Modex wheels 17x7 and 17x8, fronts 30% tread, rears 90% tread. 1 front has gutter damage $500. 8.CA18DET exhaust cam $50. 9.GTS-4 powersteering pump $50. 10.Used Drift pineapples $50 11.New Aluminum subframe bushes $50 Every needs to go Call or message me Chris 0417650502.
  11. Any photos of that grey twin turbo supra carving it up?
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