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  1. Hey guys, was wondering if you could help me and a mate out. We are unsure as to whether his Silvia (Q) has a CA18 or a SR20. So I was wondering if I could borrow your knowledge and help us out Here are the facts: It says 2 litre on the engine casing. It has SR20 on the sticker on the under side of the bonnet. It says CA18 on the metal stamp next to the import stamp. It is a 1991 model. (I think, it may of been imported in 1991) We are unsure which to believe, the company in which he bought it from said it was a CA18 so it doesnt matter if it is, he didnt get ripped off or anything, we are just interested. Cheers for any help in advance
  2. I can vouch for this car!! Great transport for a pissup or going to a lan, whichever tickles your fancy hahah
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