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  1. PACEY

    Intial D

    Haven't seen it yet, but am addicted to the cartoon series.
  2. PACEY

    Intial D

    Dunno if anyone here is into Intial D but the movie is playing @ Hoyts Perth at 5 everday. Isn't everybodies cup of tea but anyway.
  3. I have this "friend" and he got caught driving "his" car after the rego had expired. He then got a summons to appear in court. He can enter an early plead of guilty in writing and the judge will determine a fit punishment and the case doesn't go to court. Does anyone know someone who has had this happen? What did they get? Whopper fine?
  4. PACEY

    Cam Gears

    Mitchy, i have a Greddy cam gear for sale if ya interested. Brand spanking, never come within 20m of an engine only a book shelf . $180 if ya interested.
  5. This is what they look like. I also forgot to mention it is brand new and never been installed.
  6. I have an RB25t but i have a feeling they fit all RB engines.
  7. 1 Greddy cam gear inlet side - $150 Will do C.O.D at buyer expense PM if interested. Thanks
  8. Intake im pretty sure. Holy shit that was quick! The AVCR is sold pending payment.
  9. Apexi AVCR for sale, never used, still in box. $500 Greddy Cam Gear, same, never used, brand spanking, siut Rb25 new. $150 Didn't want to sell these but bike went snap so money needed else where. Will do both for $600 Pm me if your interested. Buyer to pay postage if outside W.A
  10. Thanks Steve i'll give it a crack tomorrow and tell ya how it went.
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