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  1. Thanks for your help, iv tried looking up my issues and if I could bring up my old post from early this year you would see all the things iv tried now to hold boost. Iv hit a dead end. The only thing left sounds like new exhaust manifold and wastegate. I would have thought my sbc boost controller would be able to make it hold. But even if the gate is set to 16 pound the boost drops below that.
  2. The stainless manifold seems to be build well. That's not saying it's not the Problem. The wastegate port comes from both sides of the manifold then joins to 1 pipe. The wastegate could be the issue. I only used it because a Friend had one on his vl making 500hp and seemed to work well. Maybe the wastegate is 2 big? As for the boost controller I'm not clear on its operation as the tuner set it up this is the model controler
  3. Okay so sorry it's been so long. I had an old post from a few months ago explaining my issues with my rb25 not holding boost to redline. I can't find it anymore so I have to start a new one. Problem is it hits full boost then drops of to 11/12 Psi by the end of the rpm. Originally it was thought there were leaks and the rear housing was to small (.63) So fixed the boost leaks! And slapped a brand new gt3076r .86 rear on And I still have the same problem. I thought maybe the boost controller was doing it.. So wile on the dyno we adjusted the spring to 16psi and ran no boost controller and the result is the same! With no boost controller it still drops passed the waste gate spring pressure? I give up! Anyone had this problem? Mods Gt3076 .86 high mount (genuine) Stainless high mount Pro boost wastegate 50mm 880cc injectors Greddy plenum Intercooler Blitz duel solenoid boost controller Microtech lt12s
  4. Still here! One of the best turbos for skylines! Good power and not laggy
  5. I like the bride stradia seats I might look into them with bride super lows. Anyone know who sells the cheapest?
  6. For sale brand new garret gtx3076r turbo with .82 t3 rear housing brand new in the box! Freshly built in a high tech lab in Mexico! Suit many rb20 rb25 rb25/30 sr20 and more. Price is $1,500 firm! Located Gold Coast Will post at your expense
  7. Sorry just deleted some old msgs What style are they? Cheers
  8. Here in another pic with the seats in. I hope this can help other skyline sunroof owners fit non sunroof cages
  9. I'm in need if a new drivers seat my head hits the roll cage with a helmet on? What's the lowest bride seat and rail I can buy for my r32? Cheers
  10. Wanted bride seats suit r32 pref Gold Coast Brisbane area Need to be low. Cheers
  11. Some pics. I'll get some pics with the seats back in soon
  12. So! After much searching for a r32 4door roll cage for sunroof model I gave up! Can't be found! For me anyway... So I bought a used r32 4door half cage non sunroof from a member. To install the cage all I had to to was trim 30mm off the bottom of the hoop that wraps around the passenger and drivers side seat. And re weld the base plates back on. There was enough play in the bars and wheel arch for the rear posts that I didn't have to modify them. I imagine this would be the same for the 2 door. So just to clear it up. A non sunroof half cage will fit a sunroof model. Only mod is to trim 30mm off the main hoops legs! This was a cusco half cage. Ill upload some pictures later. Cheers
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