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  1. dion

    Surely someone wants a real cheap car!!!!
  2. dion

    Price dropped to $12990.........
  3. dion

    Cmon guys this has gotta be sold.
  4. dion

    Sorry, Toowoomba Queensland.
  5. Hey Guys I have 93 r33 GTS-25T Manual for sale Volk 17" wheels with new tyres 83000ks Exhaust Factory Electric Sunroof Black Widow Alarm Keyless Entry Tinted Windows Pod Filter Apexi Auto Turbo Timer Apexi Electronic Boost Guage Standard Boost and cooler Momo Wheel Excellent car all round Just paid 6 months rego Looking For $12990 or trade a 4 cylinder for my fiancee, lancer, mirage etc.
  6. Dont worry, have fixed it. If your warning light flashes twice then stops, then flashes again twice you need a new sender. Not cheap though.
  7. Does any body have one?
  8. If anyone has one of these with a warning light would they be able to disconnect the sensor in the engine bay and see if the warning light flashes when the car is on? Would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  9. dion

    Thanx for the replies, but just got it off. You just have to get the cracking noise going. The plastics lugs pull out if you pull it hard enuff.
  10. dion

    hahaha.... undid all the nuts, but is still held on with plastic lugs that i cant seem to undo. Anyone else got an intelligent reply?
  11. Does anybody know how to remove the boot spoiler?
  12. Suncorp $630.00 a year. Rating 1 on 60%NCB 28 years old