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  1. 1. HKB Japanese made boss kit to suit a number of Nissan vehicles (see below). Part Number: ON-110 Genuine HKB Product Made in Japan Includes all Accessories for Easy Installation Suits Most Aftermarket Wheels Including Momo, Nardi, Isotta etc. To suit following Nissan (non-airbag/non-Hicas) vehicles as stated by the manufacturer: Silvia/180SX (S13) Datsun (B11, B12, B13, D21) Skyline (R31, R32) Cefiro (A31) Pulsar (N12, N13) Bluebird (U11, U12) 300ZX (Z31, Z32) Maxima (J30) Laurel (C32) Brand new in box $50 firm 2. Lynx Intake manifold to suit Datsun L16, L20 engines for single weber / dellorto conversion. No longer required and never installed. $100 ono Cheers Ryan 0407 552 842
  2. Dizmo

    Thats pretty piss poor. They are genuine enkei's and worth so liitle, why?
  3. How much for these rims? Enkei's 16" Gold rims New Toyo Tyres 225/50R16 Any ideas of a price? Ryan
  4. Dizmo

    how did u block of the IAC.? I have tried the AAC and SFA also.
  5. Wantin wiring diagrams: manual 32 auto 32 RB20DET including all components and compentry. I have found some dohickeys that arent doing anything that i wanna get rid of. Also want to rip out the auto trans stuff as now it is an manual. Cheers Ryan
  6. Wanted to know where to get a front bar from? Spoilershop dont stock any that i can see on there website. Any1 know of places and approx prices? Also wether the bar was any descent in quality. Cheers Ryan
  7. Dizmo

    I would like to put a 33 gtr wing on my 32 gtst. I might try modifing one and see how it looks.
  8. Dizmo

    A guy on antilag.com is sellin them local for $400. I think ill will go with that and get my m8 to pres test it all. Cheers anyway fellaz. Ryan
  9. Dizmo

    let me know if ur gonna sell it. Might be interested depending on price and condition.
  10. Dizmo

    Didnt wana pay more than $450 for the kit + cooler. The factory setup is a joke, espicially in my case, as the pipes are rooted. China 'quality' doesnt bother me as i can get it pressure tested. Could you give me his email so i can contact him. J shop are charging way to much for it.
  11. i am after a R32 piping kit with intercooler. i want the kit that goes from the throttle body down in between the rad and engine to the cooler. and obviuosly the other side too. I dont like the just jap kit and ebay have a few but resonably priced. Where did u's get urs from and price? Thanks Ryan
  12. Dizmo

    yeh, but a glass one looks like shit.
  13. As the title says im after a gunmetal R32 GTR front apron/bumper (pref genuine) and Spoiler. Would prefer gunmetal but as long as in good condition colour doesnt matter. Open to offers Cheers Ryan
  14. As the title says what are these? Theyre found in the boot in my R32. This device is behind the boot panel on the passengers side. It is not hooked into anything but runs a blue/red wire. The other one is next to the factory amp under the parcel shelf. it looks like a r33 hicas comp. Any ideas? Ryan
  15. For Sale. Traxxas 1/8th S-Max truck TRX 2.5 racing engine RWD, Autoshifting 2-speed SportTraxx racing tires with inserts Lightweight chrome wheels Adjust slipper clutch Disc brake New painted body shell About 4 months old. Used about 3 litres of 15% Includes ez starter (incl battery), battery cahrger, 3ch Traxxas Remote control. Many spares Needs new steering servo Everything runs like new, always cleaned and stored properly. No time to play with it anymore as im goin on holidays overseas so it has to go. Picz: Please pm or ring me (0418 950 459) with any questions or interests. Located Perth SOR More info can be found here http://www.traxxas.com/products/nitro/maxx..._smaxx_over.htm Price $650 ono.. Cheers Ryan