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  1. if both with manual transmissions of course...
  2. n/a R33 skylines have very low power and torque for their weight and will be easily chopped by v6 family cars such as camry's and magnas
  3. sure simon, i will call u 2morrow, speak to u then
  4. bonkers, this week, i have to work everyday till 4:30, i think after 4:30 anyday is ok, so wed. or thur ~ ok thx simon
  5. sxygtst, if d car aint sold by the time u get here, i'll drop da price even more for ya ... talk 2 ya soon then
  6. Ronish, i am willing to swap my car but i cannot afford another skyline =/ if u have anything like lancer, corolla, or anything like that, i am happy to .. with a little cash adjustment... wat u think ?
  7. OK, I really have to sell my car now, b4 tafe starts. The car has been imported 2002. Nov. and i've been the only owner since. I cannot afford to keep my liner especially when i wont have a job this year. I hope i can sell it very soon. The car is accident free and in a very good condition. the turbo has never been boosted above the factory setting. The car has all the basic modifications and a few extras. Here are the specs to the car : - Late 96' Series II Skyline GTS-T - 5 Speed Manual - Silver in colour - Rego. till 2004 Dec. - 67000Km - ABS / Dual airbags - Sunroof - Quiktrak alarm system - Tein HA adjustable suspensions - Kakimoto exhaust system - Deep dish style rims - Sports moulded seats - Aftermarket sound system - HKS boost guage - Blitz turbo timer The price is negotiable, but the asking price is $22500. The car has been serviced a couple of times at Pro Concept, treated with Motul synthetic oils. New clutch as been installed ever since. I am located in Sydney, in nthshore, so if any1 is interested, u can leave a msg on here, or leave a msg on my mobile. 0413520213 - thanks
  8. Y cant i put a pic up? oh well .. yeh .. the price is around 23,500 negotiable .. if some1 desperately wants it . and they dont have enuf money .. i'll think about 23000
  9. time has come to sell my car before starting tafe next year. wont b able to keep a skyline unfortunately coz i'll have to stop working =/ anywayz, here are the details - Late 1996' Series II M spec GTs-T - 12 months rego - Silver - Sunroof - ABS - Dual Airbags - Manual - Quiktrak alarm - Tein HA adjustable suspensions - Flared out guards to fit wider tyres - Sports moulded adjustable seats - Tinted windows - Aftermarket sound system (sub/amp) - Deep dish rims - Slotted disc brakes - HKS Boost guage - Blitz Turbo Timer The car is in immaculate condition inside and outside. There is a little rear bumper scratch. I have never thrashed the car never boosted the turbo above factory settings that is going to reduce the life of the engine. The car has been serviced a couple of times at Pro Concept with Motul Synthetic oils. I hope some1 will buy the car soon .. or even swap. If its a swap, im lookin for an N/A ... anything that is newer than 1999 .. that has little Kms .. and that i can insure for cheap.
  10. yep... as above .. i need 2 set of 255/40/17 tyres thx
  11. soarers are cool too, just leave the details on ur car i'd like to know everything about it thx
  12. like i said.. im lookin for around 25k or near there .. umm .. if not .. too bad for me =/ hehe so if any1 still interested sure i'll b too
  13. i'l try to as soon as i get my camera back from my friend
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