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  1. hey mate really keen on the turbo. let me know asap. pm sent. whats your number? im in adelaide so will need to be posted. thanks mate
  2. hey guys im desperately after an aftermarket turbo or kit that will suit my r32 rb20. i dont want it to be too laggy but at the same time i want good power. if you have anything to suit let me know. thanks
  3. hey mate would the turbo suit an rb20. with out too much lag and in the low mount position. cheers
  4. hey mate. mine was doing that a few months ago. turns out it was fuel cutting because i had raised the boost. i was running about 13 psi and everytime it would get to high revs the car would misfire.
  5. hey guys, i recently installed a garret 2530 non ball bearing turbo onto my rb20. since installing it i have notice that i dont have as much power as i did with the stock turbo. could i just need a remap and a tune or is it more serious than that. any info will be greatly appreciated. cheers
  6. thanks cubes. we bled the coolant lines last night and now she is running sweet again. cheers mate
  8. hey guys, i bought a garret 2530 turbo the other day. my mates and i installed it properly and connected everything back up. coolant and oil lines, vacuum lines. cooler piping when we finished and started up the car. everything seemed ok. then we went for a drive i found that i had lost power. after a few minutes of normal driving the temp gauge started climbing a bit too high so we shut it off just in case it over heated. we then left if for the night and got my mate around who is a mechanic and he topped up the coolant while the car was running. when it was full the coolant started overflowing with little bubbles and sort of went a milky colour. and i dont really want to drive the car while it is like this. does any one have any idea what is happening or has happened. any help would be appreciated thanks
  9. hey mate interested in a swap? http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...p;#entry2821636 let me know cheers
  10. hey guys I have my R32 GTS-T up for sale It is a 4 door 5 speed manual with just 72,000kms on the clock. Hybrid front mount intercooler, Full turbo back 3" exhaust, silver in colour, 17" rims with dish, GTR front bar front strut bar, boost bleed valve, boost gauge, cd player, amp 10" sub lowered performance springs, short shifter great to drive. I have had the car for around 6 months now and it has been an absolute joy to drive. ive only had trouble with the alternator since i have had it. that has now been replaced and is in perfect working order. I also have a few extra parts for the interior that can go with the car. im after around the 14k mark but make an offer. here are sum pics. thanks guys call me if interested. 0401421000
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