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  1. I'm looking at a used Toyota hilux workmate 2003. Looking for a local mechanic to come out and inspect to see any problems etc. Throw in a cartoon of beer for the trouble 0433466016 if anyone's keen
  2. Update guys. Got mobile locksmith to come out and cut a new key. My car dosent have chip in key thank god! Then towed to to auto electrician to re code alarm. That was ok could arm/disarm and crank over engine but couldn't start. The fuel pumps are getting no feed. Guy who installed my alarm did such a good job that any tampering/altering to system wouldn't work. Auto boys can't figure out what he did. Apparently my ecu is not giving feed to pumps. Alarm guy I can't get hold off was over 3 years ago and he was mobile service.
  3. Cheers guys ringing locksmith today. Just got to figure how to bypass alarm
  4. Help me out boys. Moved house and only key I got is gone... Looked everywhere!!! Car still parked at old house need to move to new house...and my only alarm was attached to it...fcuk me!!!
  5. I did buy a house. Car still up for sale guys. Recent sale fell through. Reasonable offers considered!
  6. Yeh mspec are leather. Vspec2 are darker cloth than the standard gtr which are a lighter grey colour. Looking for any BMW with similar value. No swaps plus cash
  7. Also has carbon fibre skirts and pods. Interested in swaps with BMW or merc.
  8. 2000/01 R34 GTR V-SPEC II for sale. Imported from a dealer in Sydney with genuine low 31700km back in 2008. Purchased car in 2009 and I am the first registered owner in Australia. Since owning have only done 2300km in two years. RARELY driven and always garaged and well looked after NEVER trashed! Has ohlin coilovers, factory nismo catback and 18inch volk rims. Everything else is standard. Immacualate condition must been seen to appreciated. $65000ono Will consider trade for luxuary car of same value. 0433466016 rocky_83@live.com.au
  9. Really? I always thought they did complete fluid change.
  10. Hi guys. My gtr is currently sitting at 34000km. It's next service is due at 37000km. Had it for nearly 2 years and only done 2300km. Booking it in to get engine and coolant changed. Do I need to chNge gearbox and diff oils as well? I think the car was imported 3 years ago and compliance should of changed it? Never driven hard.
  11. Anyone personally know "ayskyline" real name Alex? He hasn't logged on for a long time. Tried his mobile but disconnected.
  12. Second time taken the seadoo out with only 5 hrs and dam drove straight into a jetty lol So pissed off i can barley sleep at night. Wouldn't be so bad if it was second hand and already banged up! Are there any panel beaters that can also repair boats? It has gelcoat over the fibreglass. Scratches are minor and hasnt gone down to the underlay. I'd say deepest one is about 1mm. Any recommendations/advice will be greatly appreciated
  13. Great guy. I bought Volk Gt-C from him in 2009.

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