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  1. nah man no pics of it out or being pulled out of the hole. i had it pulled out with a franna crane some guys from downer engineeing helped me out. i was actually heading the oppisite way to what the car is facing in the picture. heres a couple of pics from when it was at the panelbeaters after the first coat of paint.
  2. hey fellas.? i sorta crashed my gts4 let me know what u guys think of what ive done with my car. still alot to do
  3. hey fellas just wondering, does anybody know how to tell if you got adjustale suspension the guy i bought my ride of rekkons it does. wot do these digits mean??? sorry bout the pic not being very clear. and also does any body know any good places to get rims and body kits from.
  4. thanks fellas i really appreciate the help
  5. hey fellas, i was just wondering if anyone knows whats up. i have recently bought me a 1990 nissan skyline r-32 gts-4,and it dosnt have the front wheel torque gauge,have i been gibb or is it still a gts-4,without the torque gauge,as i never realised it should of had one til somebody recently pointed it out to me,it has the gts-4 sticker but i guess that could have come from anywhere,and i have no clue on how to tell if its got the 4WD drivetrain.......man i feel dumb : many thanks much appreciated LUOS
  6. i hope this ones all good man. sorry bout wasting your time im sorta new to this shit thanks
  7. thanks for the info topaz ill try and get 1
  8. driftmunkee


    hey fellas my names luos, i was just wondering if any yall got the spare time can you please chop my car for me like slam some deep dish rims on it sort of like the ones on the gtr in the pic and paint it like a wine red sort of a colour,with like a vertex type kit so i get a fair idea of i can do to it chur bro much appreciated
  9. i suggest you dont get an r33 your better off getting a r32 or r34 or if you got the money get a gt-r r32 or r34 r33s are pritty shit. but i guess its up to you man thats just my opinion. good luck with buying your new car.
  10. one of my bros has bought the same seat covers for his bmw and they fit perfectly
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