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  1. Here are som pics of this awsome car! ' Cheers Dennis
  2. One of the Swedish forum members called me and wonder if I wanted to take some pics of his car once and again! This is the same R32 GT-R I have put up pics of before. It's Painted in Sparkling silver. All pics should be enlarged for full resolution PICS! 1 Big http://gallery.voodoo-people.com/albums/album728/MG_6101.jpg 2 3 Big http://gallery.voodoo-people.com/albums/album728/MG_6107.jpg 4 Big http://gallery.voodoo-people.com/albums/album728/MG_6110.jpg 5 Big http://gallery.voodoo-people.com/albums/al...MG_6112stor.jpg 6 7 8 9 Big http://gallery.voodoo-people.com/albums/album728/MG_6132.jpg 10 11 12 Big http://gallery.voodoo-people.com/albums/album728/MG_6152.jpg Don't Forget to comment! Cheers Dennis
  3. Here are moore of the cars... Cheers Dennis
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