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  1. Hi their, Does anyone know if Pre-1995 R33 GTR Coilpacks will fit a Series 1 R33 GTS-T?
  2. Gday All, Does anyone know the Hanshin Numbers that are on a Coil Pack to suit a RB25DET Series 1 R33 GTS-T??? Also are RB25DE Coil Packs the same as RB25DET??? Thanks James
  3. I do have a boost gauge which i installed and it reads correctly as set but it just jults on high boost for some reason. Have been over it a few times closely and cant see any vacuum leaks.
  4. Gday Everyone, I have just installed a Dual-Stage Turbosmart Boost Controller on my R33 GTS-T. Have connected it up as per the install diagram has said to do and when on low boost the car pulls fine and then when switching to high boost and running it, the car jults when accelerating. Low boost setting is 7psi and high is 10psi. Any ideas what this problem would most likely be? Thx James
  5. Anyone know of a good place to get an Exhaust Manifold Gasket and other Gaskets for a R33 GTS-T Skyline.
  6. Had a very thorough look at all my pipework today except for the exhaust manifold and looked at all the clamps and not one was loose. Today it has started to idle roughly and occasionally stall when pulling up. Any more ideas?
  7. Hi their i have an R33 S1 GTS-T. Last night when i finished work i noticed when i took off the engine sounded like it was sucking alot of air as i was building up speed. It was fairly noisy than normal and also the BOV wasn't making the same noise as i backed off the accelarator. Also when you stuck the foot into it i noticed a fairly noticeable power loss aswell than normal. It just doesn't pull like usual. Had a quick look at my HKS Pod and didn't notice anything out of the ordinary and also checked the hoses for leaks but came up with nothing. When it was running it didn't run hot at all either. Any Ideas Guys? Thx James
  8. Hey their, I have an R33 GTS-T which recently has started to have a Stuttering/Hesitation Problem at about 5 to 5.5 thousand revs when you boot the thing. I can drive it normally and slowly increase the revs to the red line and the car doesn't hesitate at all but when you boot the thing it gets to about 5000rpm and the problem starts. I am thinking that it may have a Blocked Injector or something. The problem occured after i got a load of fuel. Have had about 3 to 4 tanks since then but still the same problem. Any Ideas? Thx James
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