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  1. ok thx , the one and only pic i have is your pic from the evo and the video's of the FD3S
  2. CyberEvo


    haha you n00b its the "Yankee Style" look here , you find more than 300 yankeestyled cars ! look in the tokyo autosalon pages ... http://tanetane92.web.infoseek.co.jp/gallery.html
  3. CyberEvo

    Garage Stillway

    Hi , i heard that these japanese tuner has built a 800hp silvia S15 , a 650hp FD3S and a fast Evo but i cant find any pictures or informations about these workshop , the old net adress has removed , so i need help ... can everyone post a few pics of them ?! please no videos , i know them hope you can help me ... nice day ... bye greetz . german JDM-Fan No.1 "CyberEvo"
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