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  1. I see that my car has been put up on this forum, thats fine i dont mind. If it never sells i dont care it can sit under its cover until my kids get it, they keep letting me know thay still love it. I also see there are a few knockers thats fine i dont mind . I hope that one day if you ever have the money to do a full build on a skyline to the level this car was built to you would then know the true cost, but i guess that dreams are free . I know what i have, and anyone that looks at a car like this will have done there research and know what it is or what its not. if not i would let them know. Easy i would just give them one of the many magazines that have featured this car with all the info anyone would want. or they could watch the many DVDs , movies, ytube etc, i think that this car was around when many of you were still at School, so i under stand your lack of Skyline knowledge in the real world. You dont see me around the Skyline forum much these days sorry to say to many young P platers with no idea and no money but great with the keyboard. I will run the add for a while and probably pull it as has happened twice before, there are just to many tyre kickers out there already wasting my time. This is a great fourm and i have many great memories of the early days of Skylines down under as i was one of the oringals. Thanks to all the old guys that still remember the old days. regards Peter @Advan advanperformanceeuro.com.au
  2. skycat

    R33 Gtr

    Hi all i would like to purchase a Nismo white face cluster speedo assembly etc this is for a R33 GTR new or used please give me a ring at work Peter @ Advan Performance 02/96483366
  3. Hi there give the boys at Advan Performance a ring i have seen heaps of 34 GTRs there they will know about how to repair the trans ph 02/96471326 ask for Peter
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