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  1. LOL i told you no one cares about you getting your license back. dont worry champ ill be there. cumon people weve got about 10 cars and need another 10 atleast to make it a good cruise (also to decrease the chance of me getting defected lol).
  2. Hey dude, just asked the guy at work and he told me a long explanation on all of this so i just got him to type it up for me. lol Dual action means that the polishing head both orbits and rotates at the same time. Here's a diagram to explain it: The super cheap one might not have enough power to spin the pad under load to perform paint correction. A great machine is the Bosch GEX150T. I had a few issues with water stains on the windows, but they weren't that bad & cleaned up OK with a vinegar & water mix. Really bad water spotting on windows might need a rotary polisher & cutting pad. hope that helps
  3. thanks mate, yeh it honestly came up sparkling and with no swirls. Ive given my car a few DIY details before and its come out clean but when i picked it up from him I was genuinely shocked!!! it was like a black diamond. even got rid of alot of surface scratches. I think the trick to keeping swirls off is also in the washing post detailing. Th3e microfibre cloths and all that really help maintain the shine. even when the cars dirty it shines like crazy LOL
  4. Sooooo you are a comedian....... also interesting..... maybe you should keep your comments to yourself champ. if you had half a brain or half a life you wouldnt be writing stupid things up on somebody elses post!!!!! By the way to those that appreciate forum members sharing their experiences so that we can all get the best for our cars I paid $300 & after seeing the final result, it was worth every cent. I have spoken to him & this price is for SAU forum members as well. Here's a list of what was done for $300: Foam gun soak with detergent for 5mins Wash with Meguiar’s NXT Clay with Meguiar’s Claybar Meguiar's M105 Ultra Cut compound with LC orange foam cutting pad using a Dual Action (DA) polisher Meguiar's M205 Ultra finishing polish with LC white polishing pad using a DA polisher Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax 2.0, with LC black finishing pad using a DA polisher Meguiar's Hot Rims All-Wheel Cleaner Meguiar's NXT Insane Shine Tire Spray Meguiar's NXT Metal Polish for wheels, exhaust & intercooler piping p.s a lot of those hard water spots came with the car when it was imported. I couldn't get them out by normal washing as you can see on the 50/50 fender shot.
  5. Just had paint correction done on my R34 by one of the boys at work who is obsessed about swirl free paint finishes & details cars on the weekends. Some pics of the car when i dropped it off in the morning. Hard water stains Swirls galore yellow oxidized headlights..... 50/50 door shot after 2 passes of Meguiars M105 using a orange cutting pad Closeup of the headlight & 50/50 fender shot of hard water stains vs 1 pass of Meguiars M105 and, after about 10 hours, it came out like this...no more swirls & the reflections are stunning!! Headlights & taillights corrected After handing the car back to me, he nearly had a heart attack when i told him that I normally use amorol carwash & a sponge to wash the car!! He recommended that I use meguiars NXT wash, microfibre wash mitts & microfibre waffle weave cloths to wash & dry the car to keep it swirl free. Overall i'm very happy with the end result & would recommend his services to anyone wanting to restore depth & clarity back into their paint finish. He's a true enthusiast that takes great pride in his work. Contact info: Azeem - 0405175524 call him for all pricing details.
  6. dont have time to separate anything, if you guys want buy it off me for 600 and separate between you, im hardly ever at home so cant help. still $600 for the whole engine!!!
  7. hks bOV new in box $200 - SOLD!! PENDING PAYMENT greddy type rs BOV used $150 stock rb25 bOV x 2 $20 each jjr typers BOV $40 BOV adaptor for rb25 $30
  8. hks bOV new in box $200 greddy type rs BOV used $150 stock rb25 bOV x 2 $20 each jjr typers BOV $40 BOV adaptor for rb25 $30 MAKE ME AN OFFER!!!!
  9. just get yourself a djm800 like i did lol!!! spices up your life something severe
  11. ive got them on ebay mate but for some reason i cant post new threads on inthemix forums. yeah i know they are cheap but people really dont look to pay for what things are worth these days and are always out for a bargain so i guess thats why ive put them up for so cheap.
  12. last chance for people on sau to purchase this table before i put on ebay, like i said it comes with a free table soccer table so pretty sweet deal for anyone looking to add something to their games room
  13. hks bOV new in box $200+postage greddy type rs BOV used $150+postage stock rb25 bOV x 2 $20 each jjr typers BOV $40 BOV adaptor for rb25 $30
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