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  1. No its just you Damit. I also see 6 Skylines. My one was parked behind the three in the foreground & mines white
  2. Hey Vish Sorry but you didn't look to good. there was at least 4 of us Cheers
  3. Hey Yeah i second that It was also great that some of us went to Hogs Breath to catch up more socially. Thx to Ashleigh for arranging the day but a bit of advise to you ..... next time can we regroup from main meet point so everyone can cruise 2gether to the destination? oh well a bit of an adventure doesn't hurt but still a good day. Looking forward to the next one. Cheers
  4. No Prob. see if we can do a drive thru at Coomera BP on the way up. Might be thru around 9. Cheers
  5. Hi Anyone from the Tweed/ Gold Coast going, a couple of us are meeting at the Maccas Nerang between 8.15 and 8.30 to cruis up to Yatala before 9. So anyonw who wants to cruis up together we'll see you there. Cheers
  6. Hey Thats the whole idea. You meet up at Yatala then cruise upto Cleveland. I think thats why it's called an Aussie Day CRUISE. Lol. : )) Cheers
  7. If we all behave but still have fun, not much.......hopefully - just dont draw any attention. cheers
  8. Yeah count me in with one other - Garrysandy Cheers
  9. Hi all Sorry, myself & Garysandy are going on the Hard.tuned cruise/ show & shine. For a great cause.....sick kids. So if anyone changes their minds we'll see u @ Parklands meet @ 11. Cheers
  10. Yeah good chance myself & Garrysandy going. Still tossing for this one or the skyline cruise going down to Byron Bay? Well see u @ Parklands if it's this one. Cheers
  11. Hi You do know this is on the same day as the Hard.Tuned Mega Xmas Cruise/ Show & Shine for the Royal Childrens Hospital sponsored by B105/ Autobarn etc? Thought i'd point that out. Which one to go to mmmm??? Well i said earlier if im there i'll see you @ Shell Mudgee, if not you know where i am LOL. Cheers
  12. Hi You do know that this happening on the same day as the skyline cruise going south??? Which one to pick.....mmmm!??? This is for fantastic cause thou. Cheers
  13. Hi Put me in for a maybe as i'm suppose to be working but i'll try to get it off. If i do i'll see @ the Shell Mudgee Cheers
  14. Yeah i was one of who took a free DVD. Intresting
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