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  1. Bonnet, boot, wing, doors, fenders and headlights are all open to offers so dont ask me for a price just pm me with your offers. *be advised you lowball I won't bother replying so be fair* The Nismo cluster 320kmh cluster is 450 firm ive had 8 offers of 350 to 400. Pm for any photos with your email addresses and I will send you them. Posting photos on here is painful lol. Cheers.
  2. Rear diff, fuel setup, power fc, intercooler pipes all sold.
  3. Also have genuine front lip that sits under the front bar. Nitto clear cam gear cover. Stock front dash support bar... Will also have front fenders and headlights for sale soon.
  4. Also have nismo dash cluster for r34 gtr 55-60k not sure of exact number. Offers
  5. For sale: Various r34 GTR/rb26parts Power fc w/hand controller 550 ono ----tuned for t04z/type B camshafts/840cc injectors making 340awkw on 20psi. Sard - 840cc top feed injectors 500ono R34 Gtr brake master cylinder and pedal assembly 300 ono R34 GTR engine sump/front diff assembly. Offers R34 GTR rear diff with abs offers R34 GTR complete interior / all panels minus roof lining, front seats and rear parcel shelf. Selling panels individually or in pairs. Offers Custom surge tank with 2 bosch 044's with all fuel lines and fittings 600ono Turbosmart Bov with intercool pipes to suit standard gtr frontmount. 200ono I am up for swaps aswell but prefer cash. Located Chermside brisbane. Pm for photos as there is so much stuff.
  6. Willing to swap for 25/26/30 or standard engines with box inc.... or im lookin for $5,500 S14 SR20DET vct engine 31,000kms since build and still going very strong with no problems. Arias forged pistons Spool rods Arp headstuds HKS Valve springs HKS Rocker stoppers HKS Stage 2 cams 780cc Highflowed Injectors All braided lines.... New Garett 3071.86 1500kms old ORC Twin plate flywheel combo 10,000kms old 68mm throttle body standard is 55mm.... Aftermarket lowmount exhuast Car made 292rwkw on 20psi..... turbo isnt even in its efficiency range so it could handle alot more. I just want to start a new project cuz i used to have an r33 and i miss the rb sound.... Engine is ready to go and chuck in either day drive or drag/drift. Comes with Alternator, starter motor, A/C compressor. Can also provide loom....Im a diesel fitter at caterpillar so i know how to look after engines and this thing has been taken care of with regular services and air filter changes.... Anybody serious send me a pm and il send u pics.....
  7. Anyone selling or know of someone selling an adapter plate or modified bellhousing??? Ive already got the 25 box and someone to do my tailshaft but yeah i need that plate or the car is going nowhere..... Any help is good help thanks in advance.......
  8. ..... still might haha but mum might be keen on building a dat1600 with me so im thinking im going to save it for that.......
  9. You wouldnt be interested in swapping for a forged 98 s14 with cash my way???
  10. also forgot to add im after something thats rear wheel drive possibly even a fourby but not commodores or falcons.....Cheers
  11. My bad i forgot to add im in Brisbane Queensland lol......
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