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  1. i think ill go the new bushes as mine doesnt have a front sway bar on it. the noise is getting worse so better get it done
  2. im having the same problem with my car. creaks when im stopped and turning. i dont think it happens at speed or over bumps but its really pissing me off is there no real solution to this besides a temporary fix ala lubricating the S%&t out of it?! maybe replace the bushes perhaps?
  3. Ok like the title suggests, can someone please help me with my airbag light? heres whats happening and what ive done so far... Airbag light doesnt work at all in my 33.pulled the cluster out saw that there was no bulb in there, so replaced it with another bulb. thinking job well done i put it all back together again. Turned ignition and FAIL no light came on!! Very confused/annoyed i pulled it all back of again to check if it was in tight i even put bulbs in the blanks but it still wont work! so there lies my problem, why and how can i get this working again?ive also checked fuses which are all fine and ive never touched the actual airbag module. I really need to get this working ASAP Thanks in advance
  4. Geez take it easy on the guy i reckon it looks tidy. and flame? i think you put petrol on his post and set it on fire lol
  5. nah no spacers. saving money for new rimms. recommendations??
  6. The sides and rear are sadly. i didnt know how to mould them any other way
  7. Top Secret +1! i gotta agree with ya about the veilside REAR bar i do like it because of the curves it gave my car. anything else of veilside is pretty damn mind the wheels made the noob mistake of ordering the wrong offset
  8. wow !! that silver 4 door looks awesome love the shape the guards give it
  9. sorry guys ill re-word my post. is it possible to modify the offset of a wheel safely WITHOUT spacers?
  10. Ive always wanted to do this to my car!may i ask how much vinyl it took to cover the car and also was it one whole piece? youve inspired me to attempt this on my own car
  11. man im sooo tempted to do this to my car... but the vinyl is so expensive. maybe buy some and have a go anyway haha
  12. cheers guys will give that a look. is there anything i should be keeping an eye out for on the fuel pump, regulater and filter??
  13. Here is the situation... My car an r33 series II turbo has been off the road for a few months now and before this happened use to run fine. ive been starting it now and again and driving it very short distances (im talking a few 100 metres) after awhile i noticed it would dye on start up? i figured its been off the road for awile and just needs a good long run to run normally. Or am i missing something?? why does my car keep dying???
  14. Thats true but if they come unprepared there screwed. it will deter most thieves which would be a plus.but as everyone says if a pro wants your car he ll take it.also if they do get away with it the lock is a biatch to get off. but like i say no security is full proof
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