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  1. Yes Alan Hunt is chasing me. I am in the same boat for $156.00, I cancelled over the phone, the debt collector sent me 'invoices' that were unpaid, ive never seen an invoice from them before - i cancelled over the phone, stupid me for not requesting it in writing. Stupid thing is this was in April 07, and its come to bite me in the ass 2 years later. Im researching credit card bills, but its that long ago I have to go into the bank. Ive payed it, but im not happy about $156.00 for nothing. If you still monitor this thread let me know how you went.
  2. Hey, Im in Sydney, long story short, car got broken into, the dashboard has been destroyed (the facia around the headunit that wraps over the steering wheel to the driver A/C vents. Any ideas on where to get hold of a replacement? Called a few jap wreckers in Sydney that I know of, only to find they have none. I have a picture of the damage, but being at work Im unable to upload it atm, What I really need is ideas of where to get hold of one, seems like its going to be a very painful exercise... Cheers. *edit I think i manged to attach the picture*
  3. OK sweet, ill pop down to the jap wreckers when I get a chance and see if I cant do this
  4. Series 2 uses inbuilt ignitor in coils, series 1 uses external ignitor. Take a pic of the head and post it.
  5. Mate if you can point me in the direction of an auto spark who can do this job in sydney then Ill do it, but i cant find anyone with the know how..
  6. Loook what I found! Yes I know thats the old model but the tuning is the same! Hope this helps. http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/Speedwa...sbc_manual.html
  7. Yep you need 005's, I have a set of 001's to get rid of For future reference a list of motors and their coils. http://www.perfectrun.com.au/performance%2...systemframe.htm
  8. What series coil packs you need? I have a set of wrongly bought spitfires for a series 1 motor i need to get rid off
  9. No, Spec S is single solenoid, Spec R is dual solenoid, the difference between these two is the boost they can hold. As far as Im aware ALL of blitz boost controllers come with a screen.
  10. The wiring is pretty straight forward, it just needs (from memory) acc 12v, 12v, and a ground. The vacuum hose on the unit goes to somewhere that you can measure boost and vacuum. I used a t piece hose connector under the dash because ive a boost guage on my A pillar. Umm apart from that getting your head around tuning it is the hardest part, if I find an english translation I have lying around I can fax/mail it to you.
  11. Check for a boost leak, check your vaccum hoses, tell more about the behaviour of the motor, is it only at idle? or under throttle too? Standard Computer? Remeber that the stock ECU doesnt like a BOV that vents atmo, tends to cause the car to stall as well.
  12. The amount of boost it can hold, i think S is 18psi and R is 36psi, they use different solenoids. *Functions are the same.
  13. Well if you find out how to do it let me know, ive a set of Spitfire coils which i imported which are NFG for me cause I got the ones for S1 (no inbuilt ignitor) and my motor is a S2 (reqs inbuilt ignitors) so if ANYONE can supply me with a wiring diagram on how to do this, or even an auto spark that could do it in Sydney id be much abliged.
  14. BAHAHA Your talkin about the sixpack of VB in the backseat huh Nath
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