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  1. Hey, interested in a swap with this i paid 11 for it A couple of months ago http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Fo...al-t327037.html Thanks..
  2. Sorry bout the pics it was early in the morning lol
  3. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Fo...al-t327037.html forgot that bit lol
  4. Hey I was trying to get a straight swap, I paid 11 for it 4 months ago, then lowered it and put the wheels on it.. I know the skylines worth more so maybe u take something off, I dunno
  5. Hey, I have a 2000 ford AU xr6 vct manual with 115xxx kms, its lowered, got 17s, tint.. and a scratch on the rear quarter panel.. on the wheel arch Im looking for a manual, turbo, pref four door (not a need) skyline to straight swap with.. in SA.. Thanks, email me at [email protected] The car The scratch
  6. Keen for a swap au2 xr6 vct manual 115xxx kms lowered 17s tint?
  7. Hey, I have a Gt passage with an rb20de, i want a turbo engine, is this everything i need..? Thanks
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