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  1. Y I know mate should of was going to sell the it following few days, so got lazy hard lessen learnt
  2. Hey everyone, My name is Ryan I live at Gold Coast, Qld. Unfortunately my skyline has been stolen from goldcoast why heading towards Goldie , just near coomera late last year. It's white r34 gtt coupe, tinted window, blitz exhaust, bomex body kit, 3 spoke rims and no spoiler has about 80000kms on her, number plate: 428MXI, If anyone came across this car please contact me, I really appreciate it. $4000 reward if you need vin number just ask My number is 0403626050 Thanks in advance Ryan
  3. No ive got No warning lights on panel. I havent tried that direct power to starter motor yet. But i have no power to anything but lights still?? should I get an auto electrician in?
  4. G'day, My car was in a slight bang not much at all about 3 months ago, and now ive got all the stuff my R34 such as; body kit, intercooler etc. But now I cant start it, I have put in a new battery and replaced and check all the fuses. but the only thing i can get power to is the headlights. When I try and start my car i dont get the ticking noise, that even sounds like its going to kick over. Im not sure if its the relays, starter motor or anything else? If anyone has any information at all it would be much appreciated as im dying to get my car back on the road. Thanks in advance Ryan
  5. NEED: R34 1998 coupe GTT left Fender (white - if possible) rear right tail light front mount intercooler support frame fender (LEFT) support frame front bar (LEFT) BODY KIT ( preferebly BOMEX - side skirts and rear) , ( DO LUCK front bar) If you have any of these parts listed, second hand or new, please contact me at: ryanjohnmercer@hotmail.com Thanks in advance. Ryan
  6. Thanks for the site unfortuenetly I cant speak fluent japanese. sorry lol
  7. I have an R34 GTT and have Just been looking around trying to find body kits. I only want to Buy a front bar and side skirt individually but not sure where? I pretty keen on the Do Luck for the front bar and need a Bomex for side skirt. If anyone knows anywhere thats good or knows anyone thats selling that'd be much appreciated. Cheers Ryan
  8. Looking for front Bar and side skirts for R34. Thanks Ryan
  9. IM from Cairns QLD. I heard that it might be classified as a defect... is this true?
  10. Hey just wondering if anyione had any infoormation at all on lambo doors gooing onto R34? how much? where to get them installed etc. Cheers Ryan.
  11. this is my 34, Bomex boody kit, Nismo rims, going white and white
  12. that's awesome chears, not I just need a translator or something
  13. how do i go about getting a trim kit for an R34?
  14. I'm really interested in totally pimping out the interior of my 34 such as; dash, seats, LCD displays etc.. but have been searching everywhere and cant really find anything for a 34.. wondering if anyone new any good places, sites etc? Thanks in advance. Ryan
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