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  1. @ d SOLJAH? Are u seriously asking me that?...read previous posts..
  2. Lol at the 100 dollar offer I just got texted. I even said non negotiable. bonnet sold to worped. other parts still up for sale.
  3. i put a little bit on top just for my time and effort as im not always in the office..hope thats understandable guys! FIRST IN BEST DRESSED..I NEED IT GONE!!!
  4. I was referring to MAD R33. Worped.. Quote i got from Start track with fragile item plus packaging myself will be round the 150 mark! So total $300....
  5. Ok. Ill let u know tomorrow. Its either a yes or a no this time buddy. I can't keep cancelling other buyers. Ill let u k ow price of delivery tomorrow round lunch time.
  6. Spare space saver wheel SOLD Worp3d. Not too sure. I can get a quote done at work. We use startrack. But you'd might need to take into consideration of packaging and stuff that I'd have to purchase and also do myself. I don't mind doing it as long as you're willing to pay. I can let u know tomorrow.
  7. bonnet back up for sale. I can deliver at buyers expense by courier or if locally i have a ute to transport it in.
  9. bonnet is on hold until payment is made. MadR33. How do you want it sent. It will be easier to organise this if you could kindly call me as stated on my first post. Thanks. Other parts are still up for sale. I can deliver for a price if you live in sydney area.
  10. Hey guys as topic says I have a few parts off my old 33 that I need to get rid of. PLEASE CALL ME ON 0401658880 AS I DO NOT COME ON HERE OFTEN ENOUGH TO CHECK UP ON POSTS. PARTS CAN BE DELIVERED AT BUYERS EXPENSE! PRICES ARE NOT NEGOTIABLE 1. R33 Series 1 Bonnet in Very good condition, recently cut and polished. colour code KH3 black. $150 2. R33 Series 1 Wing in perfect condition also been recently cut and polished in KH3 black. $75 3. 3 1/2" Cat back JJR exhaust in Stainless Steel. Selling as is for $200 4.Blown GCG high flow turbo with some weird mod on the exhaust housing, seals are gone, minimal shaft play. Recently called GCG and they said worst case scenario for rebuild would be $800-$900 Asking $150 5. R33 Stock wheels with Federal 535 225/40 Rear and 205/40 Front with atleast 50% tread on all fours. two rears are painted black selling as is for $150 Pretty good deal considering the tyres all together re worth more than the asking price. 6. R33 Space saver spare wheel..i dunno....$10 7. R33 LHS rear tail light ONLY asking $50
  11. SOLD!! JASON please call me again as I have lost your number when i was deleting all my private stuff. Cheers
  12. Selling my phone due to recent upgrade. It has SPB User Interface. 8MP camera 16GB memory $425 NOT NEGOTIABLE as its already $120 off the RRP. 2 weeks old. Ridiculously fast phone... Comes with box and all attachments. Free black case cover and screen protector unopened. It has one on it now but i got a 2 for 1 deal on the screen protector. I will leave all the apps on there..too many to mention. but if u wanna know then please ask. I can deliver for free once payment is made. Pref CASH but EFT is ok. contact on 0401658880. LINKS! HTC INCREDIBLE S SPB USER INTERFACE Thanks guys!!!
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