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  1. rbcrazy

    R32 Parts

    Anybody need more parts. All got to go!!!
  2. rbcrazy

    Any Dynos up NW?

    There's apparently a dyno in Burnie somewhere but im not sure were. We have White Hot Racing here in Devonport. Pretty sure there in the phone book, and they have a 4 wheel dyno. Hope that helps ya out!!
  3. R33 Skyline's seem to be the go around Devonport at the moment. Every time I turn around there's a new one cruzin around, but there are a lot of mainland cars here at the moment as well. Saw my first Stagea in D,port on friday. Was that you Burkey22. If so your a lucky man!!! Awesome lookin thing
  4. rbcrazy

    R32 Parts

    No problem Nutsack I will talk to you then. No ashtray sorry. Have a good christmas!!!
  5. rbcrazy

    R32 Parts

    No problem Nutsack. Talk to you then. Have a good christmas!!
  6. rbcrazy

    R32 Parts

    You have a pm Nutsack
  7. rbcrazy

    R32 Parts

    Yeah mate ive got a complete cable with the gearbox drive still on the end for $50 big ones!! Pm me if you keen. Cheers Matt
  8. rbcrazy

    R32 Parts

    Sorry Phat MR30 starter went into the vl. I should mention now that this is a half cut r32, so no seats or really anything from the front floor back is avaliable. Ive got a copule of steering racks Chris and they seem to be o.k, as in there's now leaks around the seals or anything and the tie rod ends seem o.k . Im after $150 each for them. Pretty sure ive got the bonnet cable and lever. $25 for them. Thanks guys!!
  9. rbcrazy

    R32 Parts

    Hey all!! I have some bits and pieces lying around after a recent conversion job (rb20det into vl ) that id like to get rid of. There's obvisualy no motor, gearbox, loom or ecu, but just about everthing else is there. Steering rack Crossmember AC pump Power steer pump Both headlights Speedo cable Acc cable Cluch master cyl Some interior parts ( like centre air vent ) And more Front bar and indicators allready sold guy's so be quick. Cheers Matt
  10. Hi Ryan. Does your friend's half cut have an abs unit? I know someone who's after one. He's probly going to find your thread himself but thought Id ask the question just in case.
  11. Drift will be high on the agenda. Dont expect he will do much to it body wise. Its cost him enough so far, but will all be worth it when she's smokin her up at the track. Any of you guys going out to Simmoyns Plains next month. The 15th I think. Should be fun!!!!
  12. Yep. Been out driftin in it allready. Goes really well, but will go even better soon. Should get into the hi to mid 12's. Will be suprised if it dosent. Its nothin special to look at but looks wernt hi on his list. Its go some good gear in it. Hes lookin for some coil overs at the moment. Drop in and see him if you know anybody or let me know through this forum. Thanks Matt
  13. Good engine the old rb20's. I put one in a vl and was very happy with it. Never did get around to changing the diff ratio. Otherwise it was the same as another skyline that belonged to a good mate Mick from Speedy Tyres in launceston. His old red beast ran a best of 13.3 with truck front mount, 3 inch exaust and 14psi. Now if only I could cram one in somthing lighter.
  14. Mmmm Im guessing you laughed in his face. Wouldnt matter if he spent 50 big ones on that thing, its not worth that much money.
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