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  1. same as title..looking to buy next week if anyones got 1 for sale..give me a buzz 0466624267
  2. hey all just found out tenagah is no more...i always took my car there for a service and when there was something up with it, now its closed i dunno where to go, can anyone point me in the direction of a good mechanic thats not going to screw me around....
  3. just changed the fuel filter, and it still keeps surging and cutting out and stalls, any ideas what it could be?
  4. Sounds like a fun im in, will hav a few mates with me
  5. went to pits, gotta secure POD, change battery, lower blow off sound, 3weeks...done
  6. I'd like to shake your hand mate
  7. hay all just hoping someone could lend me 2 rear tires, r33 stockies if possible
  8. andrew i wont be able to make the cruise bro, maybe next time ay, have a good one
  9. WOOH!! bring the nachos on!!!, any ideas where we'll be crusiin?
  10. im in cant wait, lookn forward to some nachossss!!
  11. Props to andrew and hes sister for the food and drinks, nice shop you got there andrew , and for my 1st cruise its was greeeeeat, loved it, cant wait for the next one!!
  12. just washed out my engine bay and now my car pops wicked afta 5 grand any idea any1??
  13. yeah bro thats me =], cyas at 6, mite come down abit earlier, for some bubble tea =D
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