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  1. How does it line with where the new head gasket sits? If the water jackets have expanded out into where the gasket seals the jacket then probably not.
  2. Any idea what these are from? They're listed as R33 Series 1 but different in both colouring and some style/shape differences to mine. Might they actually be R32 or R34 instead? These are listed as Series 2 and are different in colouring to both mine and that above, but similar shaping and material cuts to mine: EDIT: just sat on Google Images and pretty confident that the first seat is an R32 one...
  3. Thanks. So R33 GTR and R33 GTS Series 1 are the same grills then - I had thought this was opposite.
  4. Is there usually details on the turbocharger to identify the model? With some of the aftermarket VNT's I've used on diesel engines they usually have a plate on the front inline with the waste gate actuator.
  5. My recently purchased 93 ECR33 GTS-25t RB25DET is missing the front grill between the bonnet and front bar: Is my understanding correct that in regards to the R33 GTS-25t models, the Series 1 and 2 grills are different and not compatible (due to different front bar, headlights and/or bonnet shapes)? And is the R33 GTR Series 1 grill the same as the GTS-25t Series 2 rather? Any recommendations on sources for a replacement?
  6. Are fakes a common thing within JDM wheels? Easy to identify or challenging to identify which is which?
  7. On my recently purchased 93 ECR33 GTS-25t RB25DET, the front valve cover breathers are currently connected between each side and then venting to atmosphere through a breather filter. I believe the the atmosphere venting is an issue for RWC. How are these setup from factory - is there's a charcoal canister or something that it's meant to go to or is it normally plumbed into the air intake pipe (post air filter and pre turbo charger)? Is changing this likely to have any ill effects on the engine running such as the tune etc?
  8. My recently purchased 93 ECR33 GTS-25t is missing the passenger seat. Wondering if anyone can please advise if the Series 2 vehicles use the same seat material and colouring so could be a possible source for a replacement or do I need to source only from a Series 1 in order to be matching?
  9. My recently purchased 93 ECR33 GTS-25t RB25DET looks to have an adapter or spacer plate in-between the turbocharger and the exhaust manifold. Is this a normal fitting or indicative of a turbo charger change?
  10. On my recently purchased 93 ECR33 GTS-25t RB25DET, the throttle body has this: I assume this device is a throttle position sensor? The electrical connection has no wires coming out of it - is that an issue or is this a common setup when modifying these vehicles?
  11. I'm looking to put my recently purchased 93 ECR33 GTS-25t RB25DET back to being closer to its original whole. This is the current state of the interior of the boot: What bits am I missing to make it complete again? Spare wheel and securing in place hardware? Floor covering that covers the spare wheel? Backing piece that covers the battery cavity? Wheel changing equipment (jack, wheel chock, wrench)? Rubber grommet for the bottom of the spare wheel well. (and yes, I need to also look/resolve the water leak)
  12. Given that R33 GTR wheels seem to be priced around $500.00 a pop/$2,000.00 a set for 25 year old used wheels, is there any recommendation on any decent (measured by comparable build quality, wheel strength and weight to the GTR wheels - i.e. not what I'd find selling on TempeTyres shelf) aftermarket brand wheel options in similar sizing to the R32/33 GTR wheels (16 or 17" diameter by 8, 8.5 or 9" wide +30mm offset) at a similar price point to what the used GTR wheels sell for or are the GTR wheels good value at their current second hand prices? From what I've found most at this diameter are not as wide so to get the width they have to be stepped up to 18"+ diameter (which is larger than I want).
  13. Hi all, I've purchased my first Skyline (1993 Nissan R33 Skyline GTS-t Series 1) and getting insurance has been a strange experience. I've found that a number of the big usual companies either don't list 'Skyline' as a model under the Nissan brand, but do have 'GTR' model for the relevant years - I assume this is because the R32 GTR was sold directly here in Australia were the other variants weren't and are imports? Similarly using the vehicle registration licence plate number doesn't automatically pull in the vehicle particulars - I'd assume similarly related. For some online quotes aren't available for these models and midway through it requests that I call them. With NRMA/RACV Veteran, Vintage and Classic Car Insurance that I use for my JDM 1989 Eunos Roadster (Mazda MX-5 as we know them here) as soon as I said it's a Skyline they responded with 'we don't insure Skylines, you'll need to contact the Insurance Council of Australia for assistance'. Thanks to doing a search on here I found that Enthusiast are a common insurance provider in this community. I've obtained a quote from them and it's very reasonable so sorted now - cheers for the tip.
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