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    Going for cruisers with me mates and wife. tinkering with me car and mates cars. anything to do with cars.

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  1. Could be all yours bodo!!!!LOL
  2. I have a RB25DET LONG MOTOR and CLUTCH for sale. Engine has only done 25,000k's since it was built. DOES NOT COME WITH ACCESSARIES. TURBO ETC HAVE BEEN SOLD ALREADY. Reason for selling is simple, have new engine getting built and no longer need this. Nothing wrong with the engine, was going to use it, but things have changed dramatically. Engine Build List: Acid dip and crack tested block Bored and Honed Arias 86.5mm Forged pistons (standard comp from memory) Shot peened rods Crankshaft grind and balanced ACL race series bearings ARP head and rod bolts Modified oil pump The head was fully rebuilt to standard specs, as the standard RB25 intake & exhaust ports are rather large from factory. Have receipts for engine build totalling $4300.00 plus the original purchase of the stock engine and box for $3300.00. Box not for sale. Clutch is a custom NPC. Heavy duty pressure plate and full face rag clutch plate. Nice and easy to drive and has been bullet proof reliable. Selling for $4000.00 neg, no low ballers please.
  3. Up for sale is a pair of BRAND NEW HKS step 1 DROP IN camshafts for RB25DET. No modifications required to fit these cams. Comes with brand new HKS adjustable exhaust cam gear. These parts are brand new and have not been fitted and come in original boxes. Great for small to medium (GT35r) type turbo setup. Still retains VCT for excellent mid range torque and power. Slightly negotiable $1200.00. Contact Brad 0407 166 639 Intake Cam P/n - 2202-RN172 256 8.8mm lift. Exhaust Cam P/n - 2202-RN175 264 9mm lift. Cam Gear P/n - 2204-AN002
  4. Yeah man. Just bought a Precision 6766 CEA, doing another bottom end build and head work to suit, so yeah chase begins for big HP.
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