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  1. yeah can u post a price please? and are you willing to send interstate? im looking to get rid of my current 16s and go for 18s but want some stockies to ride on until then
  2. shyt sorrry guys, my net has been down for a while so havent been able to check this thread. The BOV is sold. and Iceduck312 i am pretty sure that the AFM on the R33 and the R34 are the same as my apexi pod filter came from a R34 so im assuming yes it would fit. But i will confirm it for you find if you are still interested.
  3. ummm why is it so hard to believe that some cars might not be wound down? People living in Japan do not live like us nor have the same culture like us in aus.Usually the Japs who own a sports car like a skyline only drive it out on weekends or every blue moon as they do not need it as a main form of transport. The japz have a very advance transport system e.g. the bullet train and just like many asian countries, it is more convienient to take public transport then to actually drive to work, school or around. To clock 4000kms in a year is really not really a big deal also putting into consideration that the roads in japan are a lot shorter then those in Sydney. Putting both factors into consideration, a 95?96? import with low kms is very likely.....Just coz it was manufactured in that year does not mean it was sold in that year and also just cause for most of us our main form of transport to get around here in Sydney is via our skylines does not mean that thejaps do the same thing! So anyways im not saying that the kms on this particular car is geniune but i dun think its fair to entirely rule out that it mite actually be geniune kms if u think about the facts that i have stated
  4. as the title says, ive got those for sale... I'm pretty flexible with the price so any reasonable offers will be considered. The airbox comes with the snorkel has only been used for a few months so its in top condition. - $80 ono The simota filter comes with an R33 adapter to fit onto the r33 AFM - $30 ono Stock BOV - SOLD Side Indicators - $20 FIRM contact me on yamadeyamade@hotmail.com or call me on 0405 197 318 located in Sydney and all parts have come off an R33 Gtst...
  5. y does everyone looks the hks ssqv?? itss annoyin sittin in the car with i.t....its like whistle whistle...... wat does the greddy type S sound like? ive thought about getitn 1 of those
  6. wat kind trade u looking for? R33 S2 Gtst + cash adjustment? ive beeen thinking about having a swap to an s15......and dats a very nice car dude
  7. o m g dats F-ing hot dude!!! gud luck with the sale................BUMP
  8. u can get a tyype r for like around 20-22k..my friend bought his for 22k and it was in perfect condition and average kms...Under 100kms tooo..onli reason it was dat cheap was coz some guy was in debt n needed to get rid of it.. another mate got his type r for like 18?19k? from the auctions and also under 100k kms....a type R for around 20k? its rare but u can still find one if u look hard.... btw FTOs are a piece of shyt..i hate the look of it and it doesnt go..if i were u..18k? get a 180sx and come on dude! learn manuel if ur guna get a sports car....its not dat hard to learn anyway..i learnt it in one day after i got my line!!
  9. what front bar and side skirts are they? looks f..ing madddddddd.....
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