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  1. Hey mate, Sorry cannot PM because I have not made "10 posts" yet... but how much would you want for it all without the clutch and gearbox?? Already have the gearbox and clutch, just chasing the full motor...
  2. Hi all, I am chasing an RB25DET either S1 or S2, basically a complete motor (with coilpacks, turbo, all manifolds, etc) as well as the loom to suit, not really after the computer as my mate has both... Preferably in Queensland, can travel from Sunshine coast to Gold Coast to pick up, PM me or reply here with some offers for me Cheers, Lyndon
  3. fixed He sounds like someone that loves to take shortcuts with everything... i still remember his skyvia (s13 silvia with r32 front and rear end)...
  4. and when I thought that ahjosh couldn't get any worse... BAM... he proves me wrong... Nothing against him supercharging the car... but trying to hide a p-plate illegal modification, and no comment on him saying "i dont want all the wheels to spin just the back ones,and i dont want to give up something i love doing just because the police dont want me to.".... well actually i have a comment... he sounds quite like a commodore driver... oh i cannot wait for the day he loses his license and complains about it...
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