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  1. ohk no worries well ill have to look into it as ive never had to send anything via a courier before.
  2. hey mate nah just the headunit by itself. what? hey mate can post, never posted anything this large before but i can find out. any preference of courier company?
  3. Susp sold. Other shit still here come gimme offers!!
  4. Hey mate I got the boot trim if your keen to pay for postage?
  5. all interior trim bits a $5 dorra maximum come get a bargain or ill shit on your head
  6. rear seats 20 dorra trunk trim bits 5 dorra carpets 5 dorra standard kenwood rear speakers and tweets 20dorra child restraints 10dorra
  7. Also have bits and pieces from an r31 interior and r33. giiiit ooon it!
  8. As title states garage is looking like a pig shithouse so heres to cleaning it up and making some moolah. Most stuff will be ono and im willing to post most shit. R33 do luck rear bar and sideskirts not been fitted bought for streeter but now track car so pssh still in matte black. 450 willing to seperate R33 stockzorst cept front pipe and dump minto condisho $100 R33 Stock suspension $100 Hks 5 bolt dump pipe came off a 2530 welds are mental $100 JJR s1 coilpacks $150 Pioneer headunit that goes fully hektik green $20 Kenwood amp no idea of condish ripped it out of my car as soon as i bought it $20? Kicker amp same as above :S $20? Sony 10 cd stacker same as above $20? R33 fuse cover lid $20 R33 s1 manual ecu $50 R33 heatshield $15 Located in adelaide best to sms me on 0422383456 as pm will take longer to reply Cheers,Chris
  9. As title states rear bar and side skirts for sale. never been fitted as i wanted to put it on my streeter on a later date but now im using it for track days only so no need to look cool anyways both for 450 and they are from psi parts pm me here or better off txting me on 0422383456 heres a link to the psi parts r33 which has a full do luck kit. looks piiimp. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Ps...og-t242907.html
  10. Also have r33 rear seats for 50 dorra and JJRACING coilpacks for $200 in good nick.
  11. Gday got my old steering wheel for sale. Not immaculate but isnt worn out to f**k. willing to post, best off sending me a msg on 0422383456
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