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  1. Wow - so I guess BOV venting to atmos & open screamer pipes are out
  2. You would cop a defect notice for corroded pipes . . . . ?
  3. Looks like chromed ally, old was the same but chrome has pitted & lifted in places - looks crap
  4. Hey guys, I'm replacing the pipework for the FMIC, because corrosion has ruined the appearance of the old ones where they are exposed through the front bar. Is there any treatment I can apply to the new set to preserve the shiny finish for longer? Thnx
  5. Thanks peeps, I'll check all those points out.
  6. Yep - engine reaches normal operating temp, 25 Km drive to work, still blowing cold.
  7. The A/C will not blow warm, even on the coldest morning, with control set at 31 deg. Please help, winter in Tassie not funny. Tried searching, but not found exactly the answer I'm looking for. I assume faulty sensor?? Help bbbrrrr...
  8. Just a silly question - what does the exhaust warning light on the dash do? (the one that looks like fumes rising from a muffler shape, lights up when you turn the engine over but goes straight out again). Tried a search, not much luck.
  9. Does anyone know if the Holts kit for painting brake calipers is available in Tassie? (I mean the kit with cleaner and brush-on paint, not aerosol paint) Ta
  10. Wogboy, you passed me on the Bass Hwy heading towards D'port on Sunday ;O)
  11. Can someone pls explain what the blue squares in the members profiles are? (Tried a search, no luck)
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