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  1. lol i know guys this is just getting to hard lol, but i will prevail lol. atm i have new springs all round and kybs just on the rear, the front stock shocks were still pretty good so im hopin they hold up alright for awhile cause im saving for some coilovers, they solve all problems lol. i was kinda just hoping there would be a simple solution to this but i guess there isnt lol, and i know any gtr gear they would just charge a shitload for it anyways lol cheers
  2. you wouldnt happen to know what brand those aftermarket shocks are would ya? are they just kyb? cause thats really weird if urs fit and mine dont lol
  3. so those are the front shocks, they just look like stock ones lol, are they stock? or kyb?
  4. well what i really wanted to know was just what brand and model ur front shocks are, they seem to be the ones causing all the trouble for me lol, cause i have some kyb excel g shocks right now that dont fit lol, i think there for a gtst tho, the backs fit but the front dont lol. cheers mate
  5. the actual shock is about an inch too long and cause of that the bumb stops dont fit and the screw thread on the end sticks up too far into the engine bay and the bonnet doesnt shut lol, basically lol. where ur's any special type of kyb shock?
  6. hey guys, just giving ya an update, well ive bought some kyb excel g front and rears shocks, the rears fit perfectly but today when me and my mate tried to put them on the front they didnt fit... there just slightly different, cause of the awd setup i assume, so now im in abit of a pickle, so all of you guys that have aftermarket shocks on the front of ur gts4's, could you please tell me the exact brand and model of ur shocks? lol, im so tired of messing with the car haha. cheers guys, any help would be awesome
  7. cool as man, i bid on those shocks for like 200 bucks so im hopin it all works out, 200 aint bad for 4 shockies lol
  8. lol yeah i know ay, well thanks for all ur help, im bidding on those ebay shocks so i guess ill just have to wait and see lol. so do u have kyb shocks on the front and rear or ur car?
  9. wow awesome thanks mate! cause every suspension place ive been too keeps telling that they dont sell any shocks that fit it ay lol, they keep tellin me adjustable coilovers are the only way. so ur reckon if i bought those shocks i could just bolt em on, no problems? cheers mate.
  10. thanks for all ur help guys, im just on my way out now to make some enquiries. cheers
  11. i really hope so, i knew i would have to spend some money but not that much lol
  12. oh awesome, cheers for that mate, so what ur sayin is that if i can change eye mounting and i could just use any skyline shocks? cause that would save me alot of trouble lol, any ideas on how i should go about this? did u do anythin to ur car? thanks!
  13. where would i get these $1100 shocks, i cant seem to find anythin anywhere for the gts4 besides some 3 grand gtr stuff lol
  14. i think there closer to the gtr shocks cause their awd too, unlike the gtst which are rear wheel drive anybody know how much they would be? thanks
  15. hey guys, i recently bought my r33 gts-4 and ive been working out what i need to get fixed, my mechanic mate had a good look over it and got some prices together for me. well the first problem he said was the shocks were screwed so he did some ringing around and he was being told by the manufacturers that no one makes new shocks for the gts-4, apparently the awd set up is heaps different and the only shocks u could put on it would be high performance racing ones, is this true? he got some quotes for 2-3 thousand and i just went nuts lol considering i only paid 3 grand for the car itself lol well thats my story guys, any advice on what to do next or anyone who might have some decent shocks lying around would be greatly appreciated. cheers
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