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  1. you're right, sounds a bit much instead of $4 globes. Thanks for the info.
  2. Ah well if one must know, I blew a brake light so bought some led globes, however they are too wide to fit through the holes. I was just going to remove the lens and put the globe in from the other side then put it all back together. Other wise its back to filament globes again. If you do know a secret, please share
  3. just wondering if there was a trick to removing the circle tail light lens from the tail light assembly? The way it is (with about four plastic clips) it looks light its not supposed to come apart? I just don't want to break it thats all, any help would be appreciated.
  4. It's great to hear that you guys feel the same way that I did about this event. I finaly had the spare fundage to get the 34 back on the road and thought a charity cruise would be good fun... nope. I had a mate, the missus and little one in the car and I have to say that we never felt more worried driving through the hills before. I hope some time soon we can get on a cruise to meet some of you guys, as you all seem a decent bunch and im sure it will be a better family outing than this was.
  5. out at Pt Parham for a day of beers with the guys from work
  6. I have a 34 though. These are designed for HID from factory yeah?
  7. Thanks for the replies so far people. And as for the link Chef that was useful as far as my light output question was concerned so thanks for that. While we are still talking lights here do skylines or more specifically 34s run a pulsed voltage for the parkers? Just want to know to work out if putting LED parkers in is a dead end thing as pulsed will kill them a bit quickly.
  8. Hi crew, yes I'm still popping into the forum now and then with a few questions. Lately I've been considering converting the R34s headlights to HID, and as such have come across some questions for you all. Having a look on the net I have found some conversion kits (two globes, two slim ballasts and the wiring) for around the $250 mark new. 1) Obviously the temperature affects the colour of the light you see, and I did want a bluish tinge to it, out of 6000k, 8000k and 12000k the later gives off the most blue colour, but will the 12000k globes give me as much road vision as say the 6000k? 2) There are two different wattage kits available: 35w and 50w. If I was to convert both hi and low beam would it be overkill to use 50w kits in both? Or is the 35w kit more than enough for suburb driving? (Are the 50w kits going to blind people if installed in the low beam?) 3) Also having no exp yet with HID... are there any manufacturer recommendations with regards to switching them on and off and so forth in a very short period of time? Does switching them off while they are still warming up shorten the globes or the ballasts life? If so then would I be better off not converting the hi beam? If anyone can help me with these questions it would be appreciated. And if these questions have been answered somewhere else could a link be provided? I used the topic search feature and found nothing and I don't want to troll through the countless pages on here. Thanks heaps in advance guys and girls
  9. Hey guys been a while since I jumped on here last. I didn't want to start a whole new topic for this but does anyone have any comments, criticism or praise about SuperSpark coilpacks? You can send me a PM if we aren't into publicly flaming brand names here. Cheers
  10. i would go but im going camping for the 24hr motorbike trail
  11. its funny cause i've been pestered by telstra lately about that. and yes i did mean coilpacks, been getting an intermittent ignition fault code and its been narrowed down to the coils. anywho... have just put up a couple more photos, nothing special again and listed a couple of small things in my garage.
  12. i wouldn't mind going on this one for my first show. three hours away you say??
  13. ok so let me know when something comes along and we will see if we can make it. only thing is the car needs new coils so i dont want to drive it realy far until thats done he he i got in trouble for spending $300 on headlight globes supposed to be paying for a wedding
  14. thanks i'll keep it in mind but i think i should spend a bit of time and money on the car first before entering it in shows. but thats the long term goal anyway, make it showy
  15. thanks for the warm welcome guys. there are a couple of photos in my 'Garage' thingo, its not anything special yet though but we still love it
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