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  1. hey guys i live SOR and as i was going about my business and came across a few road workers on corner of armadale road and nicholson road and where they have one of those new cameras there, that camera has now been changed to a POINT TO POINT camera the only problem is im not to sure yet where the other half of it is as they would not tell me that much info cheers guys
  2. cheers guys got it working after looking over my mates avcr
  3. checked the manual online and downloaded i've checked the book manual that came with my mates car and neither of them have where the 2 wires go from the boost solenoid
  4. hey guys got a question, the 2 wires that come out of the avcr boost soleniond i need 2 know what the black and red cables go 2 near or on the ecu and to the avcr controller as the guy i bought it cut the shit out of it i've taken it 2 a garage and got them to check over it after it was installed and they charged me for doing nothing to fix it when all the wiring wrong i've since tried to fix this and so far its good just need 2 know them last 2 cables and i should hopefully be able to tune my 34 by the way if the boost soleniod works that i got with the avcr i bought i have a spare boost soleniod brand new not evn used will be up for sale which fits avcr's and power fc kits cheers guys tj
  5. hey guys i need and auto sparky for a cash job i've just recently installed my avcr now the guy i got it off just cut up the wiring wen he removed it off his car so i've gone ova it and fixed as much of it as i can and installed most of it the only problem is now im running unlimited boost no matter how much i change the duty or boost level if anyone can help please pm me or contact me on 0402370891 as i said cash or booze wat eva u prefer cheers tj
  6. gota take off the front bar
  7. ripping my car apart atm and the charge is around 14 droping btween 13.8 n 14.1 but i have just ripped out my radiator over flow bottle and have found mass amounts of water in where the loom plugs into each other so im gona seal that up but im gona try get the head light out so my next question 2 evry1 is how 2 remove the whole head light???? do i have 2 remove my fender or will i have to remove my front bar????
  8. hey guys just wondering if any1 has any idea's on how to stop head lights blowing i've been told to check my earths and stuff and doesn't seem to stop the problem and im buying globes once a week so any thing any1 can think off????
  9. my mate had a problem like that in his s13 the other week n we found that the cause of his was where ther plugs connect into each other was faulty had to re solder it and worked fine but we also found a blown fuse not to sure wat the fuse was 4 but it was also affecting to start the car
  10. TJay

    Need Help

    thanx for the help guys im gona go give it ago 2night cheers
  11. hey guys been looking all over the forums to try and find out how to remove my gauge holder on my dash in the 34 but i haven't come across anything that can help, if anyone has figured out how to do this or have done this the help would b much appreciated thanx guys
  12. yeh my mate has a 1jz soarer and is up grading atm and has ask 4 my help 2 sell it. if any1 wants 2 get info from him, his number is 0420533521and his name is indy
  13. hey guys i got a friend who is selling a T78 greddy turbo it comes with oil lines and water lines. there is no shaft play, it is great condition, all ofers will b considered asking 4 round $2350 + postage
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