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  1. Item Summary: Skyline R33 Stock AIRBOX w/ Snorkle and Pannel Filter Genuine R33 Stock Airbox with Airfilter And Superspark Coilpacks rb25det for series 1 Brand new in box still have receipt and warranty on them... Location: SA: Adelaide Condition: Good Reason for Selling: Un-Needed Items Asking Price: 100 for airbox with snorkel and 400 ono for supersparks.. Contact Info: sms or call me: 0432558969 Extra Information: Up for sale is my Genuine NISSAN SKYLINE R33 stock Airbox with Snorkle The reason for selling this item is my car is off the road and scapping parts.... These genuine airbox's are completely and entirelly ROAD LEGAL and WILL PASS any police defect check.... These are perfect for people who wish to return their R33 skylines back to stock for selling or to pass roadworthy or vehicle compliance checks... This unit is also perfect for people who have been defected by the police for having an illegal and defectable POD FILTER... This unit will 100% PASS any defect "TO APPEAR NOTICE" for anybody who recieves and defect for having a podfilter... These units go for $150 - $160 on ebay from JustJap wreckers and in worse condition than mine...... Mine is in near perfect condition and i have transport so I can deliver it anyone within a reasonable distance to the northern suberbs of adelaide i am located in wynn vale . MASSIVE PRICE DROP: $120 DOWN to $100.... SUPERSPARK COILPACKS The coilpacks were purchased and never put in i wrote the skyline off before i had a chance to put them in... I have the receipt and i believe they still have nine months warranty... They stop your car from misfiring due to old ones where the spark jumps I can fit these for an extra $50 if you are in northern suburbs of adelaide.. I paid $500 which is reflected on receipt Asking price $400 ono Contact: SMS me or call me Daniel on 0432 558 969
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