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  1. when i had my GTR i was running 16psi without hassles...i am pretty sure nothing was going wrong.. but hey a turbo can bust anytime i geuss.. good luck on the people who do this easy simple mod.
  2. if your a interested buyer call me on 0407734768. anytime. 8000$ is a bargain.
  3. sorry man my computer crashed last night. i dont have any pictures. if you want to see the bike tonight or whenever. call me on 0407734768 and ask for alex or dennis about the motorbike .. Cheers
  4. Hey, you can get a 180CA18DET for cheap around australia , RB26DETT you can get one out of a 33GTR with the box etc etc. im not to sure about the 25tgearbox you will need more information on that. you will need to get the car engineerd for dropping the a rb26dett inside . also you will need r33 gtr brakes and some goot suspension and good rubber. the car will loose lots of traction dont forget. maybe itll requite 255's or some wider rear gaurds. its alli can think of.
  5. 17,000. the reason i want 8,000 is because i need to fix my car. i was previously selling this for 9500$ .. ill send pictures right away
  6. yes i am selling my bike cheaper then anyone . i need it to fix my car . Cheers ill send a nice picture right away.
  7. This is quite serious i geuss. we will be seing lots of 15year old high performance cars flood australia thats for sure. how are the R33 gunna cope with this ?
  8. can you guys just STOP right now ? bloody hell. STOP go and drive your GTST and go away period. who said its a S2 ? moron STOP
  9. crazy man.. looks like you know your cars. ever heard of stroking a car before ?
  10. to tell you the truth i can probably drive a car better then all you 20 year olds in SAU. not the old dudes in here no way. all i have to say i was unlucky. now shut your frigin mouths and stop flooding SAU with bullcrap thats already been said by people 90times. Cheers
  11. Hey i need to sell my yamaha R6 2001 model with yoshi rs3 carbon fibre exhaust. i want 8000$ instant. it has 10months rego. - the bike is blue if you want a picture just give me your email. Cheers
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