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  1. up for sale is 18x10 genuine simmons wheel, not bbs tyres 80% achilles asking price 2k price nego =D western surburb vic contact van 0405 555 237
  2. hi sau long story short had a perfect r33 running done heaps of mods some dick ran into me back end.. so i decide to buy another shell and slap everything in but now i cbs to hot lol got over it .. so letting evereything go at good price. would like to sell whole package first if can, if cant i will be stripping it down so for sale package is x1 shell with full interior no running gear quater panel has dent, other wise shell is still good it can be register not viv or written off status. no regeo atm ran out like 2months ago. i paid 600 x1 shell rear ended comes with everything you need to put in the good shell. engine is still very healthy n box hardly drivin odo has only 85..000 khms engine mods tein coilovers full adjustable inismo injectors i think there 600cc? yellow ones rsr 3inch dumb pipe + cat back garret gt25/35 very responsive nistune ecu cost me 1.4k for tune and z32 ecu z32 air flow meter gready aloy intake not just a straight pipe goes skinny to big to pod original simmons wheels not bbs18x10 hard to find you can say rare? came off a r33 gtr wrap in achiles 90% tread has gutter rash but no buckle brand new clutch done like 2,000khms cant remember brand but i spend total 1.2k light fly wheel and 6puck clutch body kit r33 gtr front bar side rear pods got damage full sound system spent 800 thats about it im sure there is more cant remember 3.5k with everything i have listed above engine gearbox all mods beside wheels i want 1.8k for wheels so for 3.5k you can have yourself a modify skyline 240rwkw alot of work to be done but good for project car or can be register price is nego so basically you just need to swap everything over simple as that contact van 0405 555 237 if i cant get a offer for whole packege in next 2 weeks will be selling indivisual parts western surburb
  3. hi guys after r33 gtst series 1 rolling shell dont mine writen write status, panels can be bit bashed up nothing to heavy tho gona turn it to track car as i have already got all the parts.. will pay abit more for a more decent shell, not to fussy about condition not in a rush project car so i can wait whenever so you can sell your parts or whatever... prefer western surburb melbourne only 3021 would be good contact van 0405 555 237 msg me would be good dont go on the forum often
  4. hi willing to buy r33 rolling shell yes just the shell nothing else prefer windows intact. just need shell txt me with price and a ruff condition of shell 0405 555 237
  5. damn your not in melb im after a shell
  6. hi guys after a ignition barel for my r33gtst parked at mates house at 3am to go fishing come back and my ignition barrel is f**ked.. f**k you scumbshine there a mobilzer dumb shit so yeah after ignition barrel contact van on 0434 192 971
  7. after a boot lip if you know what i mean link to google http://www.google.co...83&tx=121&ty=75 prefer pick up vic but will to buy from interstate contact me on 0434 192 971van
  8. no im located in vic st.albans 3021 prefer pick up but i can postage it
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