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  1. Sorry about the delay I haven't been on SAU for almost 2 weeks my work has been mental as we are gearing up for stocktake I had misplaced your order i will send it express for you today once again sorry for any inconvenience cheer's pete
  2. Thanks Jet yeah i have been flat out with work it's only getting worse too I can't seem to keep up with fiberglassing and work so i may just take a job here and there although eta's will be around the 2+week mark if any work is taken on If you do want something pm me and i'll try to get back to you asap
  3. will be making more of these soon just setting up the new workshop so a few weeks and i'll be ready
  4. Pm'ed Currently setting up the new workshop be a week or two before i am ready
  5. Want a set of roof racks so i can mold them to make a deletion panel PM me if you have a set
  6. i have been wanting to make these but no-one seems to have any roof racks laying around that i could use to mold from if there is a wrecked car in sa maybe i could come to an agreement with the owner
  7. I'm currently building a plastics vacuum moulder I could possibly make these albeit just to cover the front door section and no mounting clips If there is enough interest i could fast track its progress
  8. Sorry guys but 2 more just backed out so this is now no longer going ahead. Anyone who has made payment please PM me with your bank details Thanks to those who actually followed through but without at least 7 i can't get the discounted price cheers, Pete
  9. 1. 4bidn1 X2 2. stag love 3. 4. 5. 6. 3Katz 7. shotpointblank 8. juzzy.melb 9. 533ryc Payments received so far 1. 3katz 2. juzzy.melb 3. 533ryc waiting for payment to clear 4. 4bidn1 X2 5. Shotpointblank 6. stag love Still only a few payments so far if you have shown interest please check your PM's for payment details I'll be refunding monies received if minimum numbers can't be met I'll re check payments tomorrow guys If this doesnt go ahead i'll be requesting refund details within the next day or so Cheers, Pete
  10. Payments received so far 1. 3katz 2. juzzy.melb Still only 2 payments so far if you have shown interest please check your PM's for payment details This has taken a bit of effort to sort out so please give me an indication if your still interested in the GB Cheers, Pete
  11. ok 2 payments sent so far, 6 to go cheers, Pete
  12. Ok i'll be sending payment info to interested parties Payment will need to be made within 3 days once monies have been received it will take roughly 3-5 days for stock to arrive and i'll have these posted ASAP Cheers Guys, Pete
  13. I'm in SA Postage should be around $8 aus wide. Price may come down a bit but not by much, 8 is what's needed to get this going but i would like to have a few extra to account for last minute backouts
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